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Posted By: Tenz0r Spoilers ahead (Sir Lora) and possible bug - 15/09/18 05:17 PM
I will start with the bug first. I took unstable on Beast. I had around 16k HP. The tooltip of unstable says "50%", but it feels more like 300%. I oneshotted Braccus Rex, Lucian the Divine and Dallis.. by just dying and exploding.. on tactician mode. Possible bug?
I tried it out on the Doctor, managed to kill him by just exploding. So I did more than 30k damage to him.


I was wondering if there is a Dev that could clear something up for me.

We had Sir Lora with us (also petpal), entire game. Somehow kept him alive. Then after beating Braccus Rex, we found him back on the boat. No achievement, nothing extra. Just some dialog.
I'm not complaining about this, I'm merely curious if this is intended, or if theres anything more behind his character.

Right now it feels like babysitting him. Granted, he has cool dialog so my props for that. But there is no sense of accomplisment with his character. I would not take him with me for a new playthrough.


Unstable talent is possibly broken.

Can a Dev perhaps share some insight if there is anything special with Sir Lora that I might have missed, besides dialog. A simple yes/no would suffice (I don't want massive spoilers. If there is more to him than just dialog, I will try to figure this out).
Same for me.
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