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Posted By: fixxer Please... Fix Inventory Management - 26/04/20 10:54 AM

Inventory management in Original Sin 2 DE is abysmal frown I spend hours managing items, when it could be so much simpler.

The gift bag for inventory organisation is not ideal because it doesn't work with crafting or selling (Frasdoge posted about this in this suggestions section a while back) and Multi-select (oddly) isn't an option on PC.

Is there any chance of please adding this? Inventory management is without a doubt the achilles heel of this game. With some options for better management of inventory i think it will greatly improve the game and make it so people dont have to spend hours moving items one-at-a-time.
Posted By: denach Re: Please... Fix Inventory Management - 17/05/20 01:53 PM
Add items you want to sell to 'Wares' and when you go to the vendor, I think it's the barter tab that you can hold (controller is X) to sell all 'wares' and it'll make one stop shopping very quick.

Concerning moving one at a time, you can always "hold in hand" after using multi select, and then placing it where you need.
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