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Improving the NPC chatter loops

Posted By: Redglyph

Improving the NPC chatter loops - 22/07/20 11:07 AM


That is rather a feedback than a suggestion, since it's probably too late for that. Except for Baldur's Gate 3, of course, but I haven't seen any suggestion subforum for it yet.

I have played Divinity: Original Sin 1 & 2, and in both, the NPCs are playing their dialogue in a loop. In DOS2, some NPCs walk between each iteration, but in any case, this never ends. Sometimes it's just idle conversation, sometimes it's a prelude to an action triggered by the user, after which the looped conversation may not be the same (for instance the NPC may die, disappear or go elsewhere).

The gameplay is organised in such a way that the user has to spend some time in each area, and thus has to listen to those conversations for quite a while. This is very annoying and irritating after a short while, and from what I have read, and mods like "QuietDayOnTheMarket", it seems I'm not the only one with that feeling.

What is your opinion, and what could be done instead? And I sincerely hope this will be taken into consideration for BG3 wink

If the conversation was always the same, but said only once everytime the user gets within earshot, it would already be an improvement. When the user leaves the area and gets far enough, this is reset for the next time he/she gets back within earshot. If that's not critical conversation, it may be sometimes omitted.

At the very least this could be an option, in case some users really like to hear the dialogues in a loop.

This may render the game more silent at times, but background noises may fill that in (I'd just avoid replacing by other irritating noises like dogs barking...), and since it's already there, I don't think less of repetitive chatter would have any downside.
Posted By: GraylyHen94

Re: Improving the NPC chatter loops - 04/08/20 01:45 AM

Driftwood has terrible design for a hub. We all know the two characters I'm talking about, those two should've never made the cut. A towncrier makes sense and he's right where one should be, but it is a disaster for immersion and sound to hear him screaming the same two lines again and again. Ada can die in hell. A hub should have excellent sound design or else people are just gonna make mods to smite those two
Posted By: caninelegion

Re: Improving the NPC chatter loops - 04/08/20 02:47 AM

Background noise with non-understandable conversations except one time? You know, mumble, mumble, jumble in the background.
Posted By: Redglyph

Re: Improving the NPC chatter loops - 30/08/20 08:44 AM

Now that this crazy heat as subsided, I continued the campaign and went into Amadia's sanctuary. I was trying to sort out my inventory to trade with Exter, and had to listen to Duggan and Leya repeating the same things over and over and over again, in a loop... I finally gave up and went away.

It's really sad such basic QoL issues are still there to pester players and break the otherwise fun experience, so long after the first D:OS which had the same problem, after all the revisions, and all this time. Looking for a mod, I found this 5-year-old thread, which shows how much it was already annoying players (except for one guy trying to convince everyone else that it shouldn't change because it was fine for him, typical).

Let's just hope they don't do that yet again for Baldur's Gate 3.

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