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Posted By: Rakki Editor Update / Levels + GiftBag issues - 18/01/22 01:44 AM
Hello Larian-Team and modding community o/

im fairly new to Div2 modding and really enjoying it
tools like the editor and tutorials that have been given to the community are a blessing
aswell as the modding ecosystem around it created by so many talented modders

So i've started to work on my own mod and part of that contains working on the levels
of the main campaign like FortJoy. Digging deeper into how that stuff works i just found myselfe hitting a wall.

  • AI Grid is not saving
  • Terrain is not saving
  • Inherited Objects unmovable
  • Objects ingame are placed differently then in the editor

After days of trouble shooting and exchanging with other modders on the discord i found out that
in regard of main campaign modding the Editor is just out of date.
Especially the GiftBag5 ArmorSets "Legends of Rivellion" adds so much
and setting it as dependency in the Editor results in crashing.

In that regard i would like to know:

Is an update for the editor planned for the near future?
If not, would it be possible to get a quick fix and update for the level data?

Getting this would be really uplifting and vital for further modding adventures smile

Thanks for reading!
As a modder myself, I'd love an editor update... It's long overdue...
Posted By: Vadimko Re: Editor Update / Levels + GiftBag issues - 29/01/22 11:48 AM
I join to Rakki. The Editor need to be updated. Divinity Original Sin 2 is the game with almost limitless modding potential. But game/editor versions difference ruins most of modding Art.
Posted By: Alak Re: Editor Update / Levels + GiftBag issues - 24/07/22 12:02 AM
It's been a while since this thread saw any activity.

I would like to agree that access to the gift bag content would be very useful, as it currently creates a barrier that prevents and noteworthy alterations of the campaign maps themselves.
As such, campaign terrain cannot be edited properly, at least not in any way I could find.
Since free space on the campaign maps is at a premium, this severely limits the amount of things that can be added.

I get that the whole studio is probably busy with BG3, but I would like to ask, if an update to the editor could be made after the bulk of that game is done.
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