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Posted By: Razek Praxis Apply an atmosphere to a level - 30/09/17 04:57 PM
Hey there, I'm currently trying to make a very small barn interior level and i've found the atmosphere I'd like to use (ATM_PBR_Default_Cavern_A) and I've set it as the atmosphere in the LevelData and saved it, but when I use the Swith Game/Editor button the lighting completely changes as if the building had no roof and the sun was blaring down

Posted By: Windemere Re: Apply an atmosphere to a level - 30/09/17 05:55 PM
Did you add a distant light probe to the area?
Posted By: Shapeshifter777 Re: Apply an atmosphere to a level - 01/10/17 03:34 AM
Sounds like you may have accidentally left an atmosphere trigger placed down somewhere on your map and it's switching to DEFAULT when you load the level.

In the right hand panel, do a search for "atmosphere" and look for atmosphere trigger from the list of assets on your map, then simply delete it from the list.
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