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Please allow us to have access (read and write) to following absolute values via story scripting:
- current health
- current max health
- current PArmor
- current max PArmor
- current MArmor
- current max MArmor

Please also add generic events that trigger when any of these values changes (regardless of whether it was healing, damage or just an item equipped/unequipped), which will give us access to _Character, _ChangedProperty and _Value, where _Value represents the absolute value of a change and _ChangedProperty shows which of those values have been changed
Hi Erikem,

I'll see what I can do. A combination of getters for absolute values in combination with events that provide percentage values might be possible smile

Thank you very much!

Would setters be possible as well?

Also would it be possible to allow setting temporarily "over the max"? So for example let us set 130% of the armor. I know that we already can increase MAX via STATS but increasing MAX means it can be mended/restored, while increasing "over the max" means it's a one-time only bonus
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