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Posted By: Erikem Please add "CharacterMovedInCombat" - 23/02/18 12:50 PM
Dear Larian,

Please add scripting event (at least in Story), which will be triggered when character did dedicated movement in combat (normal movement, which costs AP).

Ideally it should also pass amount of used AP and distance that the character has walked.

Also, if possible, please consider adding a "CharacterCombatMovementFailed" event to partner with the suggested movement event, for when the movement to a location is interrupted by slipping, oil, some kind of trap, and so on.
Posted By: Zerd Re: Please add "CharacterMovedInCombat" - 26/02/18 08:52 PM

This can be useful in a lot of different scenarios, such as recreating the Delay Turn action, making it a skill that becomes inactive if the character walks, even if it costed no AP (The Pawn, for example).
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