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Hoping someone can point me in the right direction here.
I created an add on to fort joy and added a custom trader near the starting waypoint. I add items to trade and then followed this tutorial
As to how to do the dialog and get the trading to work.
The dialog I entered seems to work but it does not trigger the trade screen. The trade icon is there and if I click that then the trade screen pops up but in the tutorial it shows that saying yes to the dialog option should trigger the trade screen as well and that is not happening.

I have double and triple checked and it looks correct but does not work.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
On another note is there anyway to add existing audio to a custom NPC, for example say I wanted to add a line spoken by Nebora and have my NPC speak that audio, same voice is fine I just haven't saw a way to add the audio as of yet.

One other question, is it possible to use any of the assets from DOS EE in DOS2?
If so any info to get me started would be helpful
Is your trading flag set in the EndNode?
There was a space in the flag, have that part working now
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