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Hello everyone,

with the Definitive Edition of the game now available on all platforms (WoohooO!!), the Engine is doing its final fitness routines here in the studio to get into shape.

Currently, we're planning to push him outside, into your hands, next week. You deserve a polished Engine, and we believe this small delay will give us the time to deliver that.

In the meantime, our closed beta program is still running as well. This means that you might start seeing some Definitive Edition mods pop up on the Workshop over the weekend. (To clarify, they will show in the same Workshop. There are new tags that can be set in the Definitive Engine and there is a "Version" filter to filter on Definitive Edition mods).

As for the future, we will keep supporting the Engine the same way we did up until now. So as always, don't hesitate to post questions here or on Discord! And don't forget to take a look at our announcement post on The Definitive Edition and How To Convert Mods if you want to prepare for converting your content or you just want a high-level overview of major feature changes in the Definitive Engine.

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