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Posted By: arch99 Possibility of Gender-Bending a Character - 24/07/20 08:04 PM
Hi so, I haven't quite finished either of my current playthroughs of the game, but I'm already thinking about the next after them, and I'd love to check out some of the other origin characters (I played half of Lohse's story before I lost that save, I'm 90% done with a game as Sebille (Lohse companion) and I'm currently playing one as a custom character (Lohse, Sebille, Beast companions). My problem is that I really really don't like to play RPGs with a male PC. Like, don't like to bad enough that I would just rather not play. I have personal reasons for this, and the crux of my question is: Would it be possible to, say, mod/change the Red Prince or Ifan so that they were a woman for my playthrough? I was looking at a different thread a few days ago (I don't know how old it was, like 2018 maybe) that mentioned it was possible to edit the race of a character and talked about how, would it be possible to do the same thing with gender? I assume voicelines would still be messed up, and, while I would hope pronouns would get changed along with it, I doubt they would, so I guess I'd be playing without voice and getting misgendered sometimes. I'd really appreciate any help/insight, thank you.
You can change their appearance easily, even in game. Pronouns, gender-specific text, etc. would require some modding work, but can be done as well. However, voice lines would absolutely be fixed and unchangeable. Otherwise, we wouldn't need voice actors anymore. :P Though I suppose it's possible to change the pitch of all of Ifan's voice lines using some audio software. I'm not willing to go through that trouble, though. Are you?
Interestingly enough, I'm pretty sure most companions don't refer to their own genders. (ie. Ifan doesn't say, "I'm a man in a beard on a manly mission") so if you really wanted it badly enough, this could probably be done rather gracefully. You just need to put in time and effort.
Posted By: arch99 Re: Possibility of Gender-Bending a Character - 27/08/20 10:04 PM
Hey! thank you so much for the response. Being able to change appearance, pronouns, and text would be amazing. And yeah, I knew voice lines wasn't going to happen. I'm more willing to play with no audio than to go in and try to change voice pitches, tbh. I just. I mean it really just comes down to that I'm trans and that playing as men in RPGs makes me dysphoric, so I'm trying to get the same story and interesting characters without the dysphoria. That's really all it is.
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