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I'm honestly stumped with this one. This problem started a day or so ago. All my Potion stat entries have switched to using their entry name, rather than the linked Status_CONSUME DisplayName entry. Example:

[Linked Image]

Things I've tried/checked for:
  • * Checked the Translated Strings Editor for correct entries - Seems correct. The descriptions are working at least.
  • * Deleted the translation files and rebuilt: Same problem.
  • * Created a new Status_CONSUME and Potion entry by copying an existing entry from the base game, and renaming things where appropriate. Same issue of not loading the DisplayName.
  • * Uninstalled the editor, deleted all project/mod files, re-downloaded the editor and data DLC, started a fresh project, created a new status and potion entry: Same issue.


At one point, I noticed a strange bug where my status was using an ability icon and description. Very weird:

[Linked Image]

A workaround I noticed is if I add a localization entry for Stats_MyStatus, I can rename it that way, without renaming the entry names.

As far as getting the DisplayName to work like it has up to this point, I'm not really sure what to do.
So it's been quite a long time, and I was wondering today: Is this a bug at this point, or is it intended?

I still think back to when we didn't have to create a translation file for status-based potion entries, and wonder if that really happened, haha.
Hey LaughingLeader,

sorry for missing the post the first time! Double-checked internally and your "workaround" is how its handled here as well. I think the initial workflow you noticed wasn't supposed to happen as the workflow with localization entries is currently the intended one.

Ah, good to know! Thanks Kevin.
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