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Posted By: morez Maya Import / Export - Dummy FX - 31/01/18 11:36 PM
As shown in my thread in the "Projects in Progress" subforum, I wonder what's going wrong with the structure of the Dummy_FX bones.

Originally Posted by morez in the thread WEAPONS Brawl Items WIP
Right now trying to create a wieldable torch (shield). But I run into the issue that the effect seams to attach wrong:

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

I already checked
  • the bone assigned in the script,
  • the Dummy_FX_01 position in maya (the other dummy_FX do have more or less same position)
  • and the existance of attachment points of the object

Looks all fine to me, but as you can see, the flame FX Starts from the bottom.
I used the root template of an out-of-the-box standing torch and just changed it's visuals to my created TORCH_SHIELD and another REF_Sword which should have to Dummy_FX_01 on its blade. Weird that at both models the flame FX seems to attach beside and at different heights. I wonder what messed up the position of attachment.
[Linked Image]

Anybody any clue how to solve that?
Also grateful for any ideas how to implement a proper torch. With light source, flame fx. So far the Shield slot seams to me the most reasonable.

Another example:
This is from the original REF_MACE_1H
[Linked Image]

This is my custom Mace i made by using the "" file provided by Larian. I copied everything exactly from the original but just exchanged the mesh. Dummies should be the same.
[Linked Image]

I wonder if my workflow is correct. I used Norbyte's Tool to export a GR2 file to .dae file. then imported it into Maya and used the MLE to export. I have to note there always came some error message when importing the .dae in Maya. Everything else seams to work fine though.
[Linked Image]

Any help. Or hints how you would do the proper workflow to import an original asset from the game into maya, change it, and export it again for being used in the game. Apart from the attachments everything seems to work fine. Only the REF_SHIELD is behaving strange as when used as reference the new object is either wrong when on the ground or weilded.

Thank you for your patience for reading this ... and hopefully giving me any input.
Posted By: Larian_KVN Re: Maya Import / Export - Dummy FX - 01/02/18 10:03 AM
Hey Morez,

this seems to be an oversight on our end when we switched the export flow to maya only (whereas we used to use 3ds max for weapons during development). Maya seems to behave differently when it comes to the naming and turns it into filepaths. So having the same "Dummy_FX" name in multiple layers causes conflicts in the rig lookup we're currently using.

While we're taking a look at solving this issue, you can avoid the problem by putting every weapon in a different file. If there is only one weapon in the file, names will be unique and exporting should work as intended.

I updated the wiki accordingly for now; suggesting one weapon per file for export purposes.

Posted By: morez Re: Maya Import / Export - Dummy FX - 01/02/18 12:43 PM
Hey Kevin,
wow thank you very much for that fast answer, highly appreciated from my side here thankyou and happy to see the wiki getting updated! A step forward for community doing more custom assets!

That explains a lot. I followed your instructions (as updated in the wiki) and indeed the filepath named bones are gone and everything is named as intended.

UNFORTUNATELY the Dummy_FX bones are still NOT working for me. No effect does show up when directly attach at the visual resource via resource manager and e.g. the torch script still makes the whole thing burn (I guess that's the case when it is not finding Dummy_FX_01 to which the effect is attached via script)

This is my newly exported WPN_torch with correct bones names BUT still no attachment working: (i first tried with FX_01 only. then attached to everything for testing without success)
[Linked Image]

This is an original asset where bone names look the same AND it's working
[Linked Image]

I want to remind you about that additional possible source of error i mentioned above:
[Linked Image]

Any input regarding an ideal workflow for exporting assets from the game for Maya import would be much welcome. welcome

Edit: Screenshot from the GR2 converter tool:
[Linked Image]
Posted By: Larian_KVN Re: Maya Import / Export - Dummy FX - 02/02/18 09:40 AM
Hey Morez,

Be sure to check the "Unskinned Animated" export variable.
[Linked Image]

As explained on wiki this needs to be activated for proper export of static objects that need to be animated or have bones. (Internally: it sets a bool (rigid=true) that's required to properly recognize settings during the granny import).

The error is unknown to us. It seems to just be an import issue in Maya due to the way your converter tool exports the tangents/bitangents you checked. If the object looks ok, I would not worry.

Posted By: morez Re: Maya Import / Export - Dummy FX - 15/02/18 01:27 PM
Hey Kevin,

thanks again for your effort and fast answer. Highly appreciated. The reason i answer so late, is because I was realy busy with RL stuff and wanted to further investigate how technical issues are on my side before bothering you again.
Sorry for finally have to bother you again but there are still things not working where I suspect it couldnt be my fault but rather another oversight on your end ;-) Let's see if you can help me again:

The positioning of the FX_Dummies behave weird as seen in my original post.

When i use the provided "" file and just delete all but one weapona and export it (as updated instructions at the wiki tell now to avoid path namings) as seen here...
[Linked Image]

... the imported asset does attach an effect wrong and not at all there the FX_Dummy position should be(as I experienced before with my torch tryouts)
[Linked Image]

...although if i copy the REF_SWORD_1H asset (which should be technically the same as exported from " via Resource Manager and attach an effect it just behaves as it should
[Linked Image]

Any help? Anything messed up with the itself? With my export / import workflow? sad

Before i solve that issue i rather put my weapon mod on hold to avoid redoing messed up stuff I guess.

cheers morez horsey
Posted By: Larian_KVN Re: Maya Import / Export - Dummy FX - 16/02/18 03:26 PM
It seems there was another quirk that snuck in due to the internal max to maya conversion!
The axis difference between maya and max caused rotations in the ref file.

We updated the on the wiki to the new one smile That should solve it.

(Also, I just updated the last patch notes. Forgot to mention we updated the export scripts to fix some general issues. Mainly animation export related, but also some general stability, so it's worth updating. You'll still have to single out one weapon from the file though.)

Posted By: morez Re: Maya Import / Export - Dummy FX - 16/02/18 03:44 PM
Wow thank you a lot!! Can't wait to get on my work station to check out.

Seeing you reacting so fast on that issue is really highly appreciated. Feels good to help finding quirks.

Soon i will let you know of my results.

Posted By: morez Re: Maya Import / Export - Dummy FX - 16/02/18 08:05 PM

Sorry to nag you again, but still not working. This time my suspect is something gone wrong with new file upload on the wiki. As it looks like exactly the same file like the old one.
Although it says the new file has a filesize of 322Kb it still has 271KB. Also the creation date of the new file is still the 12.12 like the old one. Long story short: It really looks like you accidentally linked the old file again.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

EDIT: sorry false alarm. Looks like i downloaded the old file again due to some internet browser cache. With an alternative browser it is downloading a file from today. Sorry for inconvenience.

EDIT2: IT SEEMS TO WORK NOW! (correct dummy_fx positon) I am so excited. Keep you updated!

EDIT3:*morez sighs*Looks like you messed up some Weapon Types in the new Weapon_REF file by having them rotated 90°. For sure the shield is rotated as i tested it by maya>export>editor>import. But when you look at all models you'll see that about the half (or even more) of the weapon type reference models are vertical instead of horizontal (which they were before and leads to a correct result)
[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

Posted By: Larian_KVN Re: Maya Import / Export - Dummy FX - 19/02/18 02:14 PM
Wait, that's not the normal way shields are worn? think
Haha, I'll go stand quietly, but ominously behind the person responsible for the previous fix laugh
Will keep you updated wink

Good to hear the FX dummies work now.

And yes, be careful to clear your cache first when redownloading recently changed files like this. The browser tends to cache a bit too vigorously in case of wiki files.

Posted By: Larian_KVN Re: Maya Import / Export - Dummy FX - 19/02/18 02:45 PM
The file has been updated wink

Posted By: morez Re: Maya Import / Export - Dummy FX - 19/02/18 03:08 PM
Hi Kevin,

thank you so much again. Nice to see you reacting so fast on my discovered issues, I almost feel like an external team member. ;-)
I will check out the update as soon as possible. Unfortunately i have to wait a bit until i get to my divinity machine ! Hope his time i wont have to write another complaint.
Although i am considering keeping the last version of weapon_ref for my upcoming waitress' dinner tray mod :hihi:
Posted By: morez Re: Maya Import / Export - Dummy FX - 20/02/18 12:01 PM
*Clears this throat*
Hey you guys do actually know how to wield a shield, don't you? hahaha

[Linked Image]

I just had a laugh here on my side.

EDIT: already with the old file i found out strange behavior of the shield. It was either correct wielded and flipped placed on the floor or vice versa as it is now. It's placed correctly on the floor but well flipped when wielded or sheathed. I wonder if that has something to do with the shield that is wielded lefthanded by default. Have fun finding out (how to wield a shield) evil
Posted By: Larian_KVN Re: Maya Import / Export - Dummy FX - 22/02/18 01:35 PM
Another day, another upload smile Give that shield another go! laugh
Posted By: morez Re: Maya Import / Export - Dummy FX - 22/02/18 08:15 PM
*After having a deep sip of his ale and reading the fabulous and highly recommended book "Shields for Dummies", Dummy finally wields his shield ... and nobody is laughing at him. For the first time. Dummy exhales and is happy!*
[Linked Image]
Seems like you nailed it. I hadn't too much time until now to test thought. Let's see if finally my wieldable torch is working. Will let you know...

... and thank you so much for your effort, hope you won't get haunted by weird wielded shields in your dreams anymore.

cheers woehoe
Posted By: Larian_KVN Re: Maya Import / Export - Dummy FX - 27/02/18 08:38 AM
An ale a day keeps your shield turned the right way!

Happy modding wink
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