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Posted By: LaughingLeader Visual Bug With Helmet & Armor Colors - 03/06/18 04:21 AM
Hi. I recently got a few consistent bugs in a my latest mod. I'm fairly certain these bugs weren't present before the latest patch, but it's hard to know for sure.

Firstly, there seems to be a bug with equipping one of my new helmets, equipped both by equipment stats and via a script:

The mask isn't "visible" until you toggle the visibility directly, unequip/equip it via the UI, or get into combat.

Example here:

This mask has equipment data that looks like this:
[Linked Image]

It renders correctly when equipping it manually, like a player normally would (picking it up/equipping it via the UI, or double clicking it).

Trying to unequip/equip the mask with a script has the same visual bug, yet when I refresh the mask directly through a dialog menu + script (after some time has passed since the game started), that works in making the mask visible:

Note that at this point, the character with a mask was added as a follower of the player.

Secondly, my custom armor's color doesn't become visible on the actual model until said armor is unequipped/requipped as well. To make this extra weird, the color is visible in the character UI.



Any ideas for what could be causing these issues? Editor cache perhaps? Some sort of shader-related problem? Visual bug with the model itself? The mask renders fine when used within a visual set.

I haven't tested the armor color problem in-game, but both the armor color and mask bug are consistent in the editor (hint: every time).

I have had the mask appear invisible in the tutorial level of the main campaign (outside the editor), until I unequipped/equipped it or went into combat.
A little update: I tried "refreshing" the equipment (unequipping it, then equipping it after delay) about 15-30 seconds after the game is running. No dice.

Here's where it gets strange: When I recruit the character, either as a follower or a party member, then when the equipment refreshes, it displays correctly (the mask is visible, and the armor is the correct color).

So it seems that if the character is in "NPC" mode, the mask and the armor colors refuse to display correctly.

Additionally, if the character is added to the party and gets pulled into combat, the mask then displays correctly (the armor color stays the same incorrect default color). If the character is an NPC and pulled into combat, the mask remains invisible.

Oh, and for all of these tests, the character in question is standing right next to a player.
There may be another bug related to this one:

When polymorphing into a character with a visual set, equipping armor will make that section of the body invisible. Despite this, the character renders correctly in the equipment menu:

[Linked Image]

I did discover a workaround to this, which is done by equipping an item that has the following visuals disabled:
[Linked Image]

This item is equipped by the polymorph status, to the Overhead slot.

Polymorph status:
new entry "TME_SHAPESHIFT"
type "StatusData"
data "StatusType" "POLYMORPHED"
data "ForGameMaster" "No"
data "InitiateCombat" "No"
data "DisplayName" "Shapeshifted"
data "Icon" "unknown"
data "FormatColor" "White"
data "StatsId" ""
data "StackId" "Stack_TME_Shapeshift"
data "PolymorphResult" "faff1221-cf8d-48a8-ad17-16acb1e4e8c1"
data "Toggle" "Yes"
data "RetainSkills" "Shout_TME_Shapeshift"
data "Items" "LeaderLib_ArmorVisualsDisabled"

Armor stat:
new entry "LeaderLib_ArmorVisualsDisabled"
type "Armor"
using "_Overhead"
data "Act part" "1"
data "ItemGroup" "LeaderLib_ArmorVisualsDisabled"

new itemgroup "LeaderLib_ArmorVisualsDisabled"

add levelgroup 0,0,"All"
add rootgroup "94ef2c7b-099b-4ccb-ac16-d79db4314381",""
add namegroup "EMPTY","",""

[Linked Image]
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