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Posted By: The Wolf Prince Osiris event for attribute - 28/11/18 12:59 PM
Hi there

Osiris doesn't seem to provide an appropriate event to hook into attribute changes. The reason why I'm asking for this is that I'd like to provide custom stats for attributes similar to what's possible with combat abilities. This works perfectly fine for the latter with

[code]event CharacterBaseAbilityChanged((CHARACTERGUID)_Character, (STRING)_Ability, (INTEGER)_OldBaseValue, (INTEGER)_NewBaseValue)[/code]

It would be great if there would be a similar event for attributes. Are there any plans in providing such an event? Or are there at least workarounds which allow doing that? I would appreciate any hint given for that topic.
Posted By: The Wolf Prince Re: Osiris event for attribute - 30/11/18 09:15 AM
No comments? Nothing at all? Did any Larian employee even read this post?
Posted By: Tinkerer Re: Osiris event for attribute - 20/12/18 04:54 PM
The only workaround I can think of is to call CharacterGetBaseAttribute() for all characters in DB_IsPlayer every 10 seconds or so. There are no plans to add an additional event for that at this time, sorry.
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