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Posted By: waterzxc Simple question: Bonus damage per distance - 13/10/17 12:52 AM
Hi everyone. I'm beginning to learn using stat editor.

I always assume the bonus damage per distance is additive, meaning for a skill of 50% based damage and 5% bonus per 1m, it will become 100% damage at 10m distance to target.

Or is it actually multiplicative?
Meaning at 10m distance, it will get multiplied for 1.5, resulting in 75% damage instead of 100%.

Can anyone confirm whether it's additive or multiplicative?

Also, is it possible to reverse the bonus damage, resulting in less damage over long distance?
And is it possible to set maximum/ minimum damage for skills that have damage based on distance?

In addition, I believe the stealth bonus damage is multiplicative, am I right?
Mortal Blow has a stealth damage bonus of 200, I assume it means the damage is multiplied by 200%.
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