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I've been working on a mod to try to bring all the trees more in line with eachother, and part of my plan for Scoundrel involved reducing the AP cost of dagger attacks to 1 while lowering their base damage. It works fine when I'm using a single dagger, but dual dagger basic attacks cost no AP at all. Is there some dual-wield specific field I'm missing that could be causing this?
I could be very wrong, but here's the theory:

The game calculates dual wielding attack AP cost by doing this:
Weapon 1 AP cost + Weapon 2 AP cost - A fixed value (default is 2) = Attack AP cost

If you set AP cost of both weapons to 1, this becomes:
1 + 1 - 2 = 0 AP

Have you tried equipping the 1AP dagger on one hand, and a sword on the off hand?

If my theory is right, the attack cost would become 1AP.
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