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Posted By: Roach [MOD] Roach's Pet & Companion Mod [Release] - 13/10/17 10:20 AM
Well I finally released my companion mod after some work.

With this mod the player is able to choose from 64 unique pets and companions that follow the player around.

Each player character can own a companion which will follow them around. Most can also aid the player in combat if the character chooses so.

Steam workshop link:

Full feature list:
=========================== FEATURES ===========================
• 64 unique companions of all types: Pets, demons, undead, voidwoken, aids and slaves that follow their owner around.
• Each Player character can have a companion.
• Most companions can join their owner in battle but you can choose for them to remain passive.
• Companions level up alongside their owner.
• Companions will go invisible when their owner is sneaking or invisible to keep the immersion.
• There are three tiers of companions (Low, mid and high) each having three different price classes.
• There are three traders, one in Fort Joy, one in the Undertavern in Driftwood and one in Arx, each sells an increasingly higher tier of companions (as well as the lower tier that came before)
• You can insure your companion to get it resurrected free of charge at one of the traders, if it happens do perish.
• There are around a 100 unique companion names that are randomly assigned.
• Should not conflict with any other mod or story element (Do let me know if it does)

=========================== NOTES ===========================
• Removing the character from your party will also remove the companion and money will be lost, so make sure to get your money back from the trader if you want to swap out party members.
• Well most companions can join their owner in battle it won’t necessarily be very balanced. Some companions will be very strong and others very weak and I changed no stats (So the plague doctor for example will not have any specific skills)
• I have not yet checked if all companions have battle logics and animations, I think all that can join battle have those things but if a companion does not do anything in battle then let me know.
• You have the ability to turn off random names (Not everyone wants their slave to have an identity wink )
• Companions are immune to death fog for the sake of it being a pain otherwise. (Only really a thing when the owner character is an undead)
• You are able to unlock all companion tiers for all traders if you want to in the options section of the dialog. This gives you access to all companions right from the start.
• I have not tested this mod in multiplayer, technically if both (or at least the host) have the mod then I don’t think there will be a problem but let me know if it works or not. smile
• It’s hard to test every companion and every scenario but so far all problems have been fixed that were found. Let me know if any bugs pop up.
• You can use my mod to add new companions if you so desire but let me know before hand and don’t take full credit. (There is a “How to add companions” section in the story goal Init)

=========================== IMAGES===========================
One of the three traders
[Linked Image]
Low tier companions
[Linked Image]
Mid tier companions
[Linked Image]
High tier companions
[Linked Image]

With Love ~ Sander Ex-Larian Intern wink
If there are any people willing to do some QA or if you have some feedback then let me know wink
Nice work put your mod also in NEXUS smile
I probably should yeah. Just need to figure out the steps for that one smile
Yes, skeleton cat companion!
The other's are amazing too of course, but my heart belongs to little Furball the skelly cat <3
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