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Posted By: Dima01 Pyramid of Shadows V3.0 - 06/08/18 03:28 AM
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So I've finally come to a place with the Pyramid of Shadows that I can bump up the version to 3.0. I'm not sure what that means, but higher numbers are better.

You can now play this as a standalone adventure with friends or by your lonesome and yes, there are NPC's you can recruit because... you will need them.

Don't wanna play it in an Adventure setting? Fine. Play it in a GM setting. That also works with ALL scripting still functional. Actually I don't know for sure... some things might be busted but I don't have friends so I never got that far.

There is still one very minor issue that might require Larian to step in and fix (because I've done everything right) but I have a little workaround that will get the job done. When that is fixed I'll give this app a 5 star rating and bump it up to version

I present you with the new (not too new) Pyramid of Shadows.
Steam Version D&D Pyramid of Shadows
Posted By: LostSoul Re: Pyramid of Shadows V3.0 - 17/08/18 11:26 PM
Hi dima
Thanks for making this. I've played through most of it and I highly recommend it.
Great seeing new content
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