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Posted By: Dima01 GM Pyramid Of Shadows (D&D Campaign) - 16/12/17 05:55 AM
I'm not sure why I haven't posted here yet, now I have.

I've been working on (and I'm regularly updating) the Pyramid of Shadows campaign for 4th edition of D&D. This is available on Steam right now Here: Pyramid of Shadows

This is a GM campaign targeted for loose control, meaning that the GM can participate and intervene whenever necessary but otherwise can enjoy the game as well! There are tons of events scripted already and I keep adding more and more!

I'm pretty satisfied with what I've made, especially since this is my first ever modding project. I've learned a massive amount of stuff and have gained some cool friends and community. If you want to do some testing with me, I would love to host a GM session and run this through with you. It's in Alpha right now (Pre-Alpha actually) to make sure I've squashed bugs as needed.

I haven't sat down and figured out how to upload to the Nexus... As soon as I move to the actual full release then I will expand to the Nexus.

This is not your grandmas campaign. It's massive. The maps are pretty big!
Posted By: Dima01 Re: GM Pyramid Of Shadows (D&D Campaign) - 16/12/17 10:38 PM
I'm not sure why the links aren't working.. Maybe they are for you, but not for me. Copy and Paste I guess!
That's because the mods need to enable your user account to use the BB code! \^^/ They will within a week usually.
Posted By: Larian_KVN Re: GM Pyramid Of Shadows (D&D Campaign) - 18/12/17 10:22 AM
I only jumped into D&D at 5th edition, so this will be very interesting to play with since I don't know the setting laugh Areas look really interesting too!

It does look like your lighting is not completely set up in the video? (Black shadows)
Might want to regenerate the lighting (Menubar > Level > Render all light probes).
Or fiddle with Light probes and atmospheres in general.

In any case, keep up the awesome work wink

Posted By: Dima01 Re: GM Pyramid Of Shadows (D&D Campaign) - 02/03/18 12:47 AM
I guess this is not longer a work in progress. I will have "DLC" or.. expansions that will make the PoS bigger (since I can't really connect other mods to this one, I'll have this one as a central hub for all of my future campaigns)

You can uhh.. close this thread? Mark it as complete?

I don't know, it's up to you guys.
Posted By: Larian_KVN Re: GM Pyramid Of Shadows (D&D Campaign) - 02/03/18 10:35 AM
That's fine.
We'll just end the thread with a neat link to the finished project page smile
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