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Posted By: Detect Module  Premise, Elevator pitch (need name) - 26/12/17 06:34 PM
Module  Premise

Hey Bro's,

For some reason, I want to bounce this concept off you guys. I guess, I 'm asking for criticisms, suggestions and the like... When asking for these things on the web, you're basically bending over... The below is extremely preliminary... Its just an idea that I'm sketching.
Elevator pitch:
After the calamity of the known world.
Magas the Litch has turned to resurrecting dead adventures to make a profit.
Yes, times have gotten hard for the old bone hoarder. Will the adventurers survive his bidding? Will they uncover what's really going on, what happened to the known world?
Dead for over 50 years...
The adventurers are brought back to life (resurrected) by a Lich “Magas” . A group of undead lead by Magas  have created a small town inside an old crypt. The crypt has been there for hundreds of years deep in a lost city that has sunken into the swamp long ago.

Magas has resurrected the adventures to serve his immediate needs. Paying off a troublesome Dragon...The Lich and his clan are threatened by a nearby Dragon whose name is Nikillix. The Dragons army has arrived at the Litchs doorstep, demanded treasure each month or complete destruction is planned for the lich base.

Magas is running  low on treasure. So Magas has been resurrecting adventurers , casting them into the many dungeons and selling them equipment in trade for gold. Compelled by the Litch, these adventurers search for treasure and hand it  over to the Lich, mainly to keep their lives but also to equip themselves to better gear.

The Dragon is paid out of these treasure spoils produced by the flesh adventurers... It's a micro ecosystem for sure!

The adventurers must somehow produce the treasure or face the wrath of the Lich, who will send them back to death, or worse,  if treasure is not produced!

The Litch will persuade the adventurers to do his bidding and the adventurer really has no other course of action.

The world is now in an apocalyptic state. All governments and countries are gone. The flesh races are almost extinct. Undead roam the world.  Humans, Dwarfs and Elves (others)have been smashed back to the stone age. Their existence now is about  hiding in small groups and clans, surviving in small numbers and living underground in caves. Utter destitution. A few group planning for the day they can reclaim it all again...


Dark, Horror, wasteland. World in shroud of evil and destruction.
The surface of the world has been destroyed by massive wars between the Demons, Dragons and Giants. Burning forests, poisoned swamps and chard earth are now what remains of the surface.. Humans and Dwarfs taken as slaves. Elf’s murdered on sight and dawn to extinction.. Not much is known about what happened. Possible dimensional breach with some horrible plane. Maybe even the planes of Hell. Demons roam freely.

The adventurers will uncover the history of the destruction of the know world. What is left on the surface? Can the flesh races survive? Can they escape the clutches of the Litch? Will The Dragon destroy them all?

Lich clan
Dragon Army

Crypt town (home town)
above ground Crypt town
four long underground halls connection to the surface
areas around the town. 4 swamp areas.
4 or 5 dungeons with 1-5 levels\micro areas for boss and NPC events

Module content:
A main (small) town with various NPC to complete quests for. (a underground crypt with access to a surface ruin.) 
A number of undead merchants selling interesting gear within the town. These merchants work for the Lich and report regularly on the goings on of the adventuring party.

Various areas to  hunt monsters and build up treasure, experienced in a free roaming fashion.

A master story arch with a few contributing NPCs, like the Litch, his henchmen... The Dragon, and the Dragons army. Aggressive wild life.
Story arch that involving a decision type outcome experience. Lots of interwoven plot lines, through out the master plot of the party having to work with the Lich. Deal with the dragon and his army. Leaving open ends for continuing the campaign.
Okay I like your idea, it's like opposite Diablo (1), where you ascend to a world of perils.
Also digging your story, to the point where I'm wondering do you actually need any feedback ATM, since it has been laid out in general strokes, and any more disclosure would result in spoilers!

But if you want any feedback to some specific aspect, write it here or PM me!
Hey, thanks again MAHak.

No response might be a good thing... I'm not sure lol.

The concept I kept very simple and manageable. I almost have the areas completely Laid out. Just working on level design and its going very slow as a learn about each object to use the tool set. Sometime going back as I find new objects I want to use and see how they did stuff in the sandbox.

There is some concepts that I'm not clear on yet that sit under the over arching game architecture. Because the game is turn based I'm not sure how respawning, and random spawning things like treasure, boss and random monster tables would work yet so spending time play testing this stuff out.

I would like to read all the DOS lore to decide if its a good place to park my story or do I go all home brew...

I would like to also complete the game as a players, so I can get that perspective of the game before I finish this mod.
Looks like this is working. I need more time testing it. I have left in my commended stuff. I haven't spent more than an 20 m testing this.. but only one Zombie spawn after a run through the trigger a few times...

/*TriggerRegisterForPlayers(TRIGGERGUID_Monkworks_EventTrigger_000_7c51d4d5-1730-4e3c-88f3-9e07746e3ab5); //swapout to EventTrigger*/
CharacterEnteredTrigger(_Character, TRIGGERGUID_MonkworksBOXtrigger000_287131ab-cb9a-4506-841a-d40afdd5b53c)
GetPosition(TRIGGERGUID_MonkworksSpawnPoint_001_c42ca452-5558-43a7-a05a-56b1def46723, _X, _Y, _Z)
NOT DB_MonkWorksZombieDatabase(_)
CharacterCreateAtPosition(_X, _Y, _Z, "CHARACTERGUID_Monkworks_Undead_Zombie000_2f62a479-299e-44e8-9688-8ac78bbce0f0", 1, _Zombie)

NOT DB_MonkWorksZombieDatabase(_Zombie);
sorry about my script is was not meant to be posed here.

I thought I better give an update as it appears the forum and interest on this game are waning?

bit of a tumble weed blowing thought this site...

Look I have been active on this mod. Been working hard on each area.. its lot of work to build a good area.. at lease 10-20 hours for me anyway each area.

If you are designing quests and NPC conversations it can be very slow going.

I had to over come some basic script stuff...if I could not find a solution I may as well stop now. But I got passed that.
I guess steam doesn't show how many hours I have in the Engine but its up there.. Its the only thing I have been doing. I also work a 45 hour week...

here is the update on this mod by Monkworks adventures.

Its now called " The End Of The Known World"

I have a small town type area with 10 or so vendors their all working and that area is about finished.

I have a few connecting areas and just finishing up this big cave area. The cave area known as the "BoneWarrens" is massive. I am really happy with the way it turning out. I guess I best drop some screens of it... I don't want o show the detail because I think I will get copied and want to be the first to do this type of area.

from the editor:
Bone warrens has about 30 hours spent on it
just to show that work is getting done.. I don't want to show more because I feel like I will get copied...

IN terms of when this mod will be completed.. Hard to say

One guy... Its very slow to build...

few months maybe by summer I hope

any questions let me know..

Yes looking for others to help out..

The End Of The Known World Progress report:
Added main town
Added 20 vendors
Added main quest NPC ( Magus)
Added Magus Quest line
Added Second quest NPC (Boon Boy)
Added Boon Boy quest line
Added companion 1 (test)
Rationalized treasure containers for easy design.
Created custom monster types for Bone Warrens
Created custom monster types for NorthHall

Added zone (UPTOP)
Added zone NorthHall
Added zone BoneWarrens
Populated monsters in NorthHall

Populated monsters in BoneWarrens
Added Treasure Clutter to BoneWarrens
Added Treasure Clutter to NorthHall

Working on lastpass design for UPTOP,NorthHall, BoneWarrens
Creation of a zone for custom menus screen.
Design plan for next zones.
Continued writing for quest lines
Continued design for companions.

Balance BoneWarrens for play
Balance NorthHall for play

any testers out there? I will need you soon.
Sure, I can help you test it. My scripting skills are limited, but I can help hunting for bugs and balancing.
It seems like you've come pretty far. I actually think that the editor is well suited for post-apocalyptical scenarios, since almost every items and scenery has a destroyed or ruined version of it.
hey MAHak, Great. Give me a little more time to get it tester friendly.

right now you can adventure a bit and visit some dungeons and kill the inhabitants take treasure back to the vendors. Start the main quest. Test a companion.

The building part is very slow...

Whats the best way for us to work? I can provide the files through steam I guess. need to look into it.

I want you to enjoy playing it and building up your character.. Your going to realize the main hook spoilers once you understand the story though. But testing in my mine is actually playing it... So I don't want you to be completely spoiled if I can help it...


Completed utility Gold check script with help. Can be reused.Took a week
Further testing of companion 1 ( seems to be all working.)
Various dialog adjustments ( my knowledge creep)
Build out UPTOP swamp areas. Art/design near complete.
Testing of completed dungeon areas for balance.
Added Master Of Knowledge NPC and dialog
Added Master Of Eternal Darkness NPC and dialog
Added Master Of Time NPC and dialog
screen of the UPTOP area
Sure, we can work something out. You PM me or catch me on the Discord channel (same name as I use here).
Looking good, Detect! Eagerly awaiting more.

More UPTOP zone art changes.
Added zone ChappleHall ( design hours 10 )
Added zone CrossHall ( design hours 10 )
Project maintenance. Remove unused levels.
Some clean-up of the mod.

(dungeon levels, development progress)
Continued on with developing areas ChappleHall and CrossHall
Finished up cam-lock, lighting and sound for CrossHall
Added traps, secret doors, locked doors, mini map for CrossHall
aesthetic level reached for CrossHall

Moving on to complete ChappleHall now.
then will populate monster and associate dialogs for each area.

Hard to keep time tracked on these. Hours spent now just on Crosshall over 30 hours.
Building areas is a very slow process.

I will be adding a few more areas yet.
As Knowledge Creep happens. I need to go back and revisit old areas.
This week was spent adding secret area triggers to a few maps so secret areas are hidden.

This weekend will be about adding respawning monsters and treasure to specific areas.

we now have more then a few areas to hunt from level 1-6, supported with appropriate treasure.

so I will need to pivot and work on main quest goals and story narrative.

Its all moving along as well as you would expect a solo builder to work
Haven't updated in a week. There has been a lot of work done to the current build.

(Random thoughts:)
I continue on with dungeon development.
I have learned so much about the editor. I get better.
I really want the mod to have everything re-spawn. Mainly for replay of the areas (but not always).
There is a layer of non-respawning treasure and monsters to be clear.
With re-spawning should come death penalties.. Not just a mechanical reload.I would love to have a custom death script.. So players cannot just reload, they need to pay for their error or bad luck in other ways... This will contribute the players experience when he/she finally wins.

Death penalties can be:
I just want to use time for now. Similar to how your password works in most modern login pages.
you fail once you get a free try.
you fail twice you are penalty box. lets call it fungi plane maybe? for 2 mins...
you die again 4 mins..., 8 mins, 16 and so on... ( I can argue why in other posts. I know that might turn people off. But I feel its important)
Right now the working model is like this:
Its a mini MMO. Free roaming with all the amenities to character build (trainer). I'm designing a mod that I want to actually use to play with once completed. I wanted to have the ability to build up a group and have enough content to keep my party busy and be able to build up a group and finish off a main final boss.
side effects are: It's going to be a little Grindy. To what extent I'm not sure yet. We can feel it out in testing. Its really about the gap between the final goal and the road along the way. All that can be adjusted.. need to find the sweet spot. We all have different ideas about what is too Grindy..
Right now I am fiddling with re-spawning treasure balance. One thing I have learned about building and MMO design Table top campaigns; over the last 10-20 years. Its this. If you mess up the treasure flow to start you can not correct it, and then you end up adding HP to monsters to make up for your mistake. Need to strike the right balance in terms of risk and reward right from the start...Its hard to size this mod atm. I think its going to be in two part campaigns.

Its really lonely building a mod. Its also hard on my family. I do nothing but work on my mod on any all spare time. But why do I do it? The above post are very light on details because I don't want to give it all way.

Its a lot of work and a very selfish thing. The reason why I do it because I am a DNA GM.. what does that mean? I have always been the DM. I have DM tendencies... I just love to be working on that next module or campaign. I have been like this since age 12. I am now 47. I do it for my self it makes me happy... if you guys get a mod out of it great!

I'm going to have to be realistic and drawn that line in the sand where this mod will be completed.
I think I am almost halfway now. So add another 3-4 months and I think I will have some thing to post on steam!

I'm actually in a test play through. Playing through with a character. The fun part...
Finding lots of changes I need to do.
Update Beta 000.000:
Hit 500 hours on the mod's development...

What do we have to show?
The remains of a crypt that was once part of larger Human civilization, has now sunken into the swamp. The entrance to the crypt is found on a small razed spit of land deep in a swamp. The rest of the city has long ago sunken in to the bog. Uptop serves as a hunting ground and proof that the surface still exists!
The main town district. A crypt with some open areas. A tavern, and many vendors and traders that make up the market area. Three doors lead out in the known world, or what's left of it...
You can access The Old Ruin from Uptop. there is a ladder descending down 200 meters into The Old Ruin.
The three doors:
Inside The old ruin are three doors that lead out the to hunting areas called:
Home to the Githtook Clan. And hunting areas in the tunnels for Rats. Eventually leading out to the Smoky Mountains.
Access through the North Hall, a massive cavern system full of monsters and treasures.
2.CrossHall: 90% complete. Ready for testing. Two interesting factions spawn in the place, so far. There is a massive cavernous chunnt in the centre. Hidden halls and rooms, hiding treasures.Eventually leading out to the Smoky Mountains.

3.ChapelHall: Framed map areas, but undeveloped. Eventually leading out to the Smoky Mountains. (under development).

Current development activities:
Running test plays with different class configurations on start.
Pushinging through iterating on already create areas. This is a must.
Keeping narrow focus to have a tester ready mod in the next 200 hours!
I best update.
You know community messaging it not a priority at this point, I hope you understand.
There is a priory scale in play here.
Much to talk about on the going's-on.

Its a challenge for me.
I have been using a grading system to evaluate the priorities in term of time commitment on needed scripts. I am going after the game stopper challenges first (for my level of scripting) milestones that need to happen.

If I can't get over these very serous challenges, then I had better stop and go do something I can achieve at. Make sense?

But I am also kind of thick in the head, and I just end-up spending the time until we finally get it finish. Usually spending time that is in no-way budgeted for, or condoned if you will. Dumb amounts of time...non-economical time...

Perceived scripting challenges on the horizon:
There are the unknowns that I can't see yet. But I have built a private server and RPG/MMO world before, so I have been through it all once already, many years ago.

I need a corpse removal script, its been scoped and considered achievable, but will take a some time.

Dialog dependant scripts.
But these are mostly fetch and not considered major challenges.

I would like to do some fancy effects on some events. I haven't had time to research on this. These ideas are mostly Dialog driven events, but I'm sure I will have to find the time to do the research , test and the debugging...

I think* I'm over the hump in terms of the scripting side. I can't see there being any game stoppers on the horizon, but who really knows... Doesn't mean my plate isn't full right now also but (need to change focus now, so I don't come up with any wacky ideas that take 45 hours to get a POC working script.) Must stay focused!

Its sprawling already. I wanted the world to feel like I can free roam and in play testing I was happy and surprised at that part.

It's not empty and I love the art objects and effects, its a beautiful looking game for sure... I love how dark and foreboding it feels already...

Monsters have been placed in dungeons and lairs. These positions are strategically placed with boss holding down the most protected position in the lair. I am happy to add that their- respawing monsters and bosses! MMO style. Yes the treasure respawns!

What we have here is a very nice mini-mmo, but its more than that.

Its a trainer, the best part is if I want to build out this or that type/style of character class you can experiment with the development and combinations. You will have a great platform to do this from. Hopefully, enough content in the world so it doesn't get repetitive quickly.

I really want to have the mod cover the 30 levels with monsters and content. But that is a massive undertaking. Right now in testing I can get to level 4 before I find some issue I want to go polish or change. The supporting zones around the town are mostly, 1-4, then 4-6, the 6th level boss monsters get as high as level 7.

There are already about 45-50 new monsters. Re-names specific to my needs. Orc's will be 10-12 level and I have a massive citadel planned.. Just finished reading R.A Salvatore "The Orc King" and loved it, so I have a fresh take on what I want out of the orc's.

The Orc's are the Dragons army that Magus is having his issue with and the Dragons lair hopefully will be scaled to level 30 boss. I feel like I may have to cut this mod in two.

It going to get too big! I see 20 or more dungeons with 5 already finished. (said enough on this moving on)

Story and dialog development.
I am not a writer. So I have to spend massive chunks of time on story, conversations with NPC's. Planning how specific evens will pan-out.

I have kept that part simple in theory; hopefully it doesn't get complicated like I usually turn things into...

So again, with out giving away the farm, that's were I'm at!

Its moving along. I am happy and very engaged. I want to finish.. enjoying it now that you can play through. I have spent very little time actually playing as a character in DOS2 so now that I have a world to play in , and its my world. Its fun just to explore and level up, hoard treasure! I found the Larians world very well well yawn. Sorry Larian... So hopefully this is the dark and evil solution to that...
No worries Detect wink
To each his own, that's the beauty of modding, right?

All these updates are getting me hyped by now. This is not good for my health...
Originally Posted by Larian_KVN
No worries Detect wink
To each his own, that's the beauty of modding, right?

All these updates are getting me hyped by now. This is not good for my health...

I best add that Larian has created a beautiful tool and thanks for all the hard work The Larian team has done. Acomplished. Larian products are very high quality. I am only criticizing a subjective thing smile


I best update what I have been up too!

Oh man,

can you say quality assurance?

Its a first pass at best!

Burning lots of hours on making sure spawned items, creatures actually spawn were I intended them to.Testing out four areas in terms of spawning content. Its a big task but again knowledge creep has lead me to some interesting ways of checking my work!

Do all my creatures actually respawn?
Many hours trouble shooting and configuring. I can confidently say YES! In the four the areas I have tested, now... Everything is spawning/Re-spawning, were it should be, 100% confidence!
Repaired a bunch of DB issues, were I named stuff the same, so it wasn't respawning, Dwah!

You know, amateur stuff smile

Next thing, I have been tweaking-on is MINI-MAPS!

The way they look in terms of negative space. So I pulled in the level mini-maps for clean up in GIMP. Mini-Maps are starting to look good!

Bug fixes: Major over haul of some things! I have been putting off...Silly things like, Secret area Pre-triggers... You may not know what I mean, but it demanded at least 50 hours of my time!

We're into polish stage on the current content. I am not creating any more content... Until prior content is polished!

Getting near that position!

I really want to get on to Dialog, but be assured! I have reinforced current dialogs and they are ready.

Also, considered DR in terms of starting to get to the level were; if I lost my work, it would be unrecoverable for me.

I have a single backup. Locally. But wanted to extend that to GoogleDrive, but it failed on about 6 files...I really like having a "cloud" back-up plan, like GD.Any others have the same issue? I have no idea if GD rejected it because of security, or what...

Nice to see this thing develop and the drive you have to make the mod.

I too had trouble with storing back-up copies on Google Drive, but I resolved the issue by zipping the files before uploading. This also reduce the time to upload like twentyfold.
Originally Posted by MAHak
Nice to see this thing develop and the drive you have to make the mod.

I too had trouble with storing back-up copies on Google Drive, but I resolved the issue by zipping the files before uploading. This also reduce the time to upload like twentyfold.

sweet! Thanks for the tip MAHak!
This weeks update.

Play testing continues. Endless hours playing (fun stuff).

Testing Companions. There are currently three Companions (Fighter, Mage, Rogue) Really their place holders, because I will be adding a lot more to chose from and I will be building them out so they become more interesting. Currently their 250Gold each to join your party at level 1. But in testing this is way to cheep, the cost will be going up to around 650 gold and adding options for higher level Companions that start at level 4.Companions all work perfectly in the mod so far. Things I have noticed: Switching between PC and companions, the monsters on the mini map will disappear when a companion is selected, switching back and the red dots appear with my PC. might be intended not sure yet.

New area Dungeon "ChappleHall" I may have posted about the level a few times. It was just an empty area until now. I have build it out completed the work like Cam-locks, Secret area triggers. Monster attack range! < was a big issue in this area. Mini map. respawning monsters and treasure. Now Play testing through.

World Design:
White-boarded the final areas planned for this mod. I have a draft zone map now. Areas that still need to be built are: (names are subject to change)

UpTop- expansion. Uptop is currently a swamp. But I will be expanding the area.

UnderRuin- dungeon and sewer system. Runs under OldRuin and has a natural cave area that connects to the old cities sewer system.

Hub for three connecting zones. Large forest with access to the mountain.

Home of the 30th level Dragon

Home of the Dragon army.

A few supporting dungeons will be sprinkled on these.

World issues:
Fixing design issues really in some places, where I used an Event trigger rather then a Box trigger. Its a big deal to replace and feeling the pain as anticipated. I need to find and replace about 60 triggers and then find and replace their UID's in the complimenting script. Not hard, just work.

Scripting. As suspected impacting time. Time spent on scripting is in the deficit for sure. Some challenges ahead are. Quest/journal dialog scripting. The dialog editor is very basic in terms of features so one must fully understand how to match up Dialog flags with scripting. This can be onerous. especially when testing and its not working out, you can have a bad day here for sure. One silly thing can make me lose many hours, until I discover the problem and repair it. This project would benefit from a lead scripter. For now I will go as far as I can.
Started to created a steam guide that will be the primary place for screen caps, maps, lists of monsters treasure. etc.My build notes and patch notes.

I will continually keep the "Guide" at steam up-to-date.

I was considering confluence or some wiki, but this will rock-it much better.
I will keep posting here in another new thread that is more specific to the project.

so this thread is closing soon.
I will be Steam broadcasting when building my mode
If you want to watch me work. Look me up on steam.
Its usually up, on weekends and during weeknights.

Steam user Name is: MONKWORKS
End Of The Known World Steam Guide.
Ooohhh, screenshots! <3
Looks really good Detect! Glad to see your constant work paying off smile
Originally Posted by Larian_KVN
Ooohhh, screenshots! <3
Looks really good Detect! Glad to see your constant work paying off smile

Thanks for the support and encouragement. it helps smile
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