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Posted By: morez [WEAPONS] Brawl Items WIP - 25/01/18 12:57 AM
Hi everybody. I am back from longer modding break. I began to try out the Maya Exporter. But because I am no 3D artist at all I just messed around by readjusting existing in-game models. An because Larian provided an excellent REF_WEAPONS file, I created brawl weapons out of all kind of items. Divinity already has a good tradition of funny weapons like the pan, the sweeper and so on but i thought there could be more. See what i got so far:

[Linked Image]

so far working:
  • fish
  • mug
  • chair as mace, 2H sword, 2H axe
  • stool as mace and shield
  • shovels (those actually without maya, just root template editing
  • broken bottles, one big one small
  • bench
  • pillar (for giants)
  • bar door

issues, questions and ideas

to be honest, i never tried scripting and stats editing so far and I ask myself how to achieve certain functionalities:

I would like to give these items unique stats, like

low durability, when destroyed create a broken wood pile and so on
custom weight, damage (maybe no lethal blow) and onhit effects (knockdown by bench ro door, poisoned by fish)

what is the easiest way to assign icons? so far the editor seams to be broken here. I can copy a root template with the wanted icon, though have to readjust all kind of other values.

different races, sex means different animations, means for one the bench is working fine, but for the other one clipping is way too much. (I tried using the equipment data to overwrite the mesh for certain races/sex with no success)
Especially when sheathed, it starts to look really silly. I would like to have an easy solution for WHEN weapon sheathed THEN unequip or drop.

Is there an "easy" way to assign human animations (holding stance) to other races?

I'd love to create grenade like throwing chairs, with the chair mesh in the throw animation (any hints here how to do that?), as every brawl starts knowingly with an flying chair ;-)

Weird Issue: the shield is behaving strange, as the item just flipped related to the REF_Shield but placed on the ground it behaves the other way around. (anybody at Larian might have an idea here?)

I really wonder if weapons always orient towards the general coordinates in maya / 3d editor. I tried changing the orientation of the dummy_attachment with no success. this was needed to orient the weapon correctly when wielded but still preserve the orientation when placed on the ground.

Any hints for other funny or cool items that could fit as a weapon are very welcome.

Now enjoy and stay tuned, still all WIP, though any help is appreciated. If someone would like to test this already please PM me to provide mod and or maya file.

p.s: sorry for that lousy writing and layouting of that post but it's late here and i have to press the "submit" button now. hopefully i can edit this tomorrow for better reading and add some more ideas and questions.

Posted By: morez Re: [WEAPONS] Brawl Items WIP - 25/01/18 10:26 AM
Right now trying to create a wieldable torch (shield). But I run into the issue that the effect seams to attach wrong:

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

I already checked
  • the bone assigned in the script,
  • the Dummy_FX_01 position in maya (the other dummy_FX do have more or less same position)
  • and the existance of attachment points of the object

Looks all fine to me, but as you can see, the flame FX Starts from the bottom.
I used the root template of an out-of-the-box standing torch and just changed it's visuals to my created TORCH_SHIELD and another REF_Sword which should have to Dummy_FX_01 on its blade. Weird that at both models the flame FX seems to attach beside and at different heights. I wonder what messed up the position of attachment.
[Linked Image]

Anybody any clue how to solve that?
Also grateful for any ideas how to implement a proper torch. With light source, flame fx. So far the Shield slot seams to me the most reasonable.
Posted By: WMC51 Re: [WEAPONS] Brawl Items WIP - 26/01/18 03:26 AM

Posted By: Redunzgofasta Re: [WEAPONS] Brawl Items WIP - 26/01/18 07:02 AM
Nothing beats a good barroom brawl!
Posted By: ChaosMyotismon Re: [WEAPONS] Brawl Items WIP - 05/02/18 07:07 AM
I saw brawl items, and thought "Barehanded" Or Fist like weapons. These are good as well. :) Good luck!
Posted By: morez Re: [WEAPONS] Brawl Items WIP - 16/02/18 09:20 PM
Due to being busy in life and technical issues this project is being delayed. For further information of the mentioned technical issues please look at this troubleshooting post. The Larians are looking into it.

Stay tuned ...
Posted By: Larian_KVN Re: [WEAPONS] Brawl Items WIP - 19/02/18 02:22 PM
The prospect of starting a bar fight with some chairs while playing a silly slapstick melody is just far too enticing.
Posted By: morez Re: [WEAPONS] Brawl Items WIP - 19/02/18 07:49 PM
Originally Posted by Larian_KVN
The prospect of starting a bar fight with some chairs while playing a silly slapstick melody is just far too enticing.

Slapstick? Beware of the "Hellfire Chair of Doom +4" ...
[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

... my way of confirming that Dummy_FX attachment points seem to work fine ;-) birthdayjump

I wonder how are weapon effects called, that are constantly applied. the one with "trail in the name just stay for a second.
Posted By: Larian_KVN Re: [WEAPONS] Brawl Items WIP - 20/02/18 10:03 AM
Ah yes, the infamous, legendary Hellfire Chair of Doom. Bane of the faithful, blessing to the fallen. Long have I searched for this artifact. Finally may I glance upon its splendor!

On a more serious sidenote: those weapon effects would be the effect resources/tracks called "RS3_FX_GP_Combat_WPN_Trail_<x>_Level_<x>" smile

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