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Posted By: SaintJohn Treasure Hunters! [Campaign] - 11/05/18 12:54 AM
I started a standalone campaign, 1-4 players. I've been using this module to learn the Engine tools, many thanks to Larian for making them available to players, it's really fun, and I can see some folks making really great add-ons.

"You arrived to the Tower Forest in search of the legendary treasure within the Tower Vault. Many treasure hunters and adventurers have tried and been killed in the forest before you, and their corpses have been turned in to undead guardians of the Tower. You hear screaming ahead. Good Luck!"

Game Notes:

-You start the game with Lone Wolf and Loremaster
-LOTS: battles, treasure, experience LESS: shopping, crafting, dialogs
-Incompatable with mods (Very Fast Walking, etc)
-It's a good idea to have thieving skills in your party

I'm really a professional musician and only made the mod for fun. Go here for my real work: I'm currently making new levels for this module, I'll post an update very soon. Feel free to give me ideas and feedback. Thanks!
Posted By: LostSoul Re: Treasure Hunters! [Campaign] - 12/05/18 06:34 AM
Hi SaintJohn
Played your game yesterday, great work.

Just a note:
I was playing 2 characters. I entered combat with both, then 1 character moved away (and accidently) left combat. Then most of the enemies at the entry to the fort disappeared. From the story i think i know why 'technically' this happended, just thought i would let you know.
Posted By: SaintJohn Re: Treasure Hunters! [Campaign] - 12/05/18 10:06 AM
Thank you!, that's excellent feedback, I know just how to fix that issue.
Posted By: SaintJohn Re: Treasure Hunters! [Campaign] - 19/05/18 08:41 PM
New version just posted. I added some new regions, added a couple of fights, and cleaned up some stuff on the previous regions. If you beat all the monsters and quests you should be able to get your character(s) to Level 5. My goal is that you should be able to get your character up to at least Level 10 by the time the module is ended.
Posted By: SaintJohn Re: Treasure Hunters! [Campaign] - 20/05/18 06:14 PM
Oh boy, it really makes a difference which video quality option you choose when using the editor and laying stuff out sometimes. I didn't realise I had a whole bunch of grass sitting a meter off the ground on one of the levels. It should be fixed be now, but I'll keep my eye out for any strays.
Posted By: LostSoul Re: Treasure Hunters! [Campaign] - 24/05/18 09:42 AM
Hi SaintJohn

Thanks for extra level. Yep.. reached level 5.

Ive got rogue and knight on my team and found 1 fight challenging , excuse the huge spoilers, the frogs.
Some enemies with a certain resistance was good, but didn't slow my team down very much.
And the trolls, they only hit for 3 dmg, was that planned? I was expecting a much bigger hit than that.
Posted By: SaintJohn Re: Treasure Hunters! [Campaign] - 24/05/18 08:06 PM
I really appreciate the feedback. I will adjust difficulty and take a look at those trolls!

I've recently enabled this campaign with other mods, so you can play other classes now also.

I'll have a new level posted soon too.

Posted By: SaintJohn Re: Treasure Hunters! [Campaign] - 31/05/18 08:19 PM
I posted a new chapter to the campaign. You can now enable other mods, so I've been having fun testing out character class mods from the workshop. It's super fun running them through my campaign to see what they can do. If all bad guys are exterminated and all quests completed, characters should get up to level 7 so far. More levels coming soon, and please feel free to send me bug reports and requests. Making this campaign is super casual and relaxing for me, I won't take any offense and appreciate the feedback, it's difficult to test it all on my own. Thank you for playing!
Posted By: SaintJohn Re: Treasure Hunters! [Campaign] - 01/06/18 04:46 AM
YES! I was finally able to get the terrain unlocked for the first level so that I could edit it again and get rid of most of the blockiness of the base texture. I'm still going to clean it up a lot now that I've learned so much more about the tools, but it looks a lot better than it did before.
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