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Posted By: camjocotem Character Build Planner - 31/07/18 09:34 AM
Hey all!

Just looking for some feedback on a build planner I'm putting together.

Click here

Currently trying to work out how multiple vitality bonuses work together but I'm open to all suggestions whether ideal styling or changing functionality.

I just like building things smile
Posted By: Tinumbra Re: Character Build Planner - 24/04/19 06:16 AM
Hi! I like it actually but is it possible to make it show the amount of available spell slots depending on char level and points spent on Memory? Also a list of talents (just names) that I already chose would be nice.

Aaand this is a very old post, apparently, so the feedback came a bit too late xD
Posted By: camjocotem Re: Character Build Planner - 20/05/19 09:49 AM
Nope no such thing as too late smile
I added the stat "Memory Slots" under the "Stats" block which shows that and also added a method of selecting valid talents under its own tab.

I really struggled with how vitality is calculated and never quite got to the bottom of that one unfortunately smirk
Considering level with Constitution / Lone Wolf / Picture of Health / Sturdy I was never able to get that one to reliably give correct answers

I've currently moved over to spending most of my time on a "Fate Core" character creator here
Google Sign in won't work there though as it needs to be hosted on a 'proper' domain xP
But I'd like to go back and finish my divinity one, at least when I have the patience or someone has the answer to how vitality works :')
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