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Posted By: Taylan Announcing: BG3 Community Wiki - 29/12/21 02:32 PM
Hi all,

This is a purely non-profit project so I hope this doesn't count as advertisement. Here goes.

You might have noticed that the only BG3 Wiki that exists so far is from a commercial website called Fextralife, and their wiki isn't particularly nice. It shoves ads in your face and claims copyright ownership over anything you write. (Essentially, if you add something to their wiki, you're doing unpaid work for their company.)

The older Baldur's Gate wiki over at Fandom is quite nice, but it's mostly for the older games and I'm not sure if the community behind it will want to integrate BG3 into their wiki.

Now, it's quite cheap to host servers in Germany, and I already have a virtual server for private and experimental use that was mostly idling in terms of its resources. I have some experience setting up server software including MediaWiki (the software that powers Wikipedia), so I thought why not create a BG3 Wiki and see if it catches attention.

Domain names are really cheap too, so I already bought a neat little domain, and voila:

Honestly the most difficult thing was to make a nice dark theme for MediaWiki. All the existing ones were crap in some way, so I ended up fiddling with CSS code for 3 days until it ended up looking decent. If anyone knows their way around web design, feel free to make suggestions on the color scheme. :P

For now this is running on a really low-resource virtual server, with just 2 GB RAM, a single 2 GHz virtual CPU core, and 50 GB SSD storage. Plus the same server runs a Pleroma node which hogs a good portion of those resources already.

So don't go crashing my server pls. But when I say servers are cheap in Germany, I mean it: this server costs me 3 bucks a month. If y'all think this is a good idea, I'll move the whole thing to a more powerful server, and maybe set up a donation link or something. For 15 bucks a month you can get 32 GB RAM, 8 CPU cores, and 1 TB SSD storage. That's 15 people spending one buck a month, or 5 people spending 3 bucks a month, or just 3 people spending 5 bucks a month. Still peanuts, is what I'm saying.

If you write content for the wiki, it falls under the CC-BY-NC-SA license, meaning that anything you write for the wiki becomes a public good that others can copy and redistribute so long as they give credit to the original author and don't make money off of it. (We might actually want to change that to CC-BY-SA, lifting the non-commercial clause, so that commercial websites are allowed to use snippets from our wiki, so long as they properly give credit to us. Opinions welcome, I'm not sure which option is better.)

You can write content without creating an account, but it'll publicly log your IP. If you create an account, take good care of your password please, because I haven't set up outgoing email yet so you won't be able to use an automatic password reset. I'll have to reset your passwords manually. Or I'll just get off my a** and make the email work. I'll probably do it eventually.

Here's a few pages I've written already to give you an idea:

And a work-in-progress, walkthrough-like page I started writing yesterday:

Feedback welcome!
Posted By: GM4Him Re: Announcing: BG3 Community Wiki - 29/12/21 05:44 PM
Feel free to take stuff from my blog:

On my timeline, I have various information I've pulled from the game, some direct quotes from tomes and books, etc.
Posted By: Taylan Re: Announcing: BG3 Community Wiki - 30/12/21 10:59 PM
Originally Posted by GM4Him
Feel free to take stuff from my blog:

On my timeline, I have various information I've pulled from the game, some direct quotes from tomes and books, etc.

That's really cool, thank you!
Posted By: Taylan Re: Announcing: BG3 Community Wiki - 02/01/22 09:05 AM
I finished writing this Prologue walkthrough yesterday, maybe someone who's a completionist like me will enjoy it:
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