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As title says with patch 7 it looks totally diffrent and having issues navigating it now . where on the sheet is racial abilites listed, and is lucky for halflings broken ?
The new UI has a quirk where the features (from race, class, equipment...) are not available in the individual character panels. To see them, go to the party panel and look for the Character Features button. It's on top of the party panel, the rightmost button next to Inventory, Spellbook and Character Sheet.
thanks, i went there , but its not listing lucky for halfling character. All i know is when it rolls to hit it doesn't as far as i can tell reroll again or give an option to do that .
What i want to know is if Lucky is working for halflings.. the racial ability not the feat.
As of my last check, halfling luck was not (and has never been) implemented in game. It's mentioned and tool-tipped in a few places, but it's never actually been present or functional. This was confirmed in a report response on a previous patch, but I can't say for certain that it is not the case right now.
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