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Posted By: Kroked Baldur's Gate III Woot! - 07/06/19 10:44 AM
This is exciting news! I can't wait!

I've been waiting for this for a very long time. Neverwinter Nights and Neverwinter Online were great, but they weren't Baldur's Gate.

Will players be able to make their own mods with this one?

Do you need alpha/beta testers?
Posted By: FinneousPJ Re: Baldur's Gate III Woot! - 07/06/19 12:09 PM
Will there be a dedicated forum? I'm surprised to not find one already.
Posted By: cyseal Re: Baldur's Gate III Woot! - 07/06/19 05:03 PM
I have some feedback. It would be nice to have dedicated section.
Posted By: Ebonoth Re: Baldur's Gate III Woot! - 07/06/19 07:01 PM
I've been waiting so long I can't accurately put a number on it for BG3, and I've been a Larian fan since discovering Divinity Original Sin (and subsequently every game Larian's done before and after Divinity Original Sin). I could not be more excited, as I could think of no studio more perfect a fit for this project! It's definitely top of my list of games I'm looking forward to!
Posted By: kanisatha Re: Baldur's Gate III Woot! - 07/06/19 09:10 PM
Yeah a dedicated forum would be nice.

I am torn about Larian doing this game, especially given that the BG franchise is my all-time most loved video game franchise. On the one hand, Larian is definitely a very strong studio with tremendous game-making skills and resources. But on the other hand, I pretty much hated the D:OS games and would be very upset if a long-hoped-for BG3 game turns out to be like the D:OS games.
Posted By: vometia Re: Baldur's Gate III Woot! - 08/06/19 04:40 AM
At this point I'm not 100% certain what they have planned for the forum: though technically I could create one, that's a decision for tptb. I'm sure they're on it.
Posted By: TheGreatGazoo Re: Baldur's Gate III Woot! - 08/06/19 02:05 PM
I would lose my mind if they did a DnD Count Strahd game.
Posted By: virumor Re: Baldur's Gate III Woot! - 09/06/19 08:49 PM
Dark Alliance 3?
Posted By: Kroked Re: Baldur's Gate III Woot! - 10/06/19 11:58 AM
Dark Archon Mezreldas: What peon knocks at my door?

Nilf: It is we, our master, your humble servants the Nilf.

Dark Archon Mezreldas: Why do you bother me peon?

Nilf: We have heard the cry, oh my master. We are here to serve!

Dark Archon Mezreldas: I can't be bothered. I am 'le tired.

Nilf: But my lord! You called the banners! Command us, we your loyal legions!

Dark Archon Mezreldas: <silence>
Posted By: aerendhil Re: Baldur's Gate III Woot! - 13/06/19 12:48 PM
Actually I am not so thrilled about this.
At 1st I thought "BG3 !? OMG !" but after a while : "ok so Larian successfully casts Raise Dead on a last century license, is it really a good idea ?"
D&D is a huge game system and FR is a vast setting , one could do so much more than revisiting BG.
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