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Posted By: Ser Varnell Persistent Multiplayer - 12/04/20 11:43 PM
One of my biggest issues with Multiplayer is the fact that I dont know too many people IRL that are into these types of games, so I am limited to online multiplayer.

My biggest request for Larian would be to allow me to make a character for Multiplayer that remains persistent from lobby to lobby.

I dont mind if my single player character is a separate character from my online character in the least I just hope they make this change from D:OS multiplayer with BG3

As in I am not forced to play a different character for each lobby I join, ie forced to simply control one of the lobby creators companions

Thoughts on this anyone?
Posted By: Emrikol Re: Persistent Multiplayer - 12/04/20 11:59 PM
I definitely want to be able to export and import characters, but mostly so we have a chance to use them with player created content (even though a toolset itself is uncertain at this point). I asked about this matter at the AMA but it didn't receive a response.

As for your use for exporting and importing characters, I can see your point. There could be a problem with certain things, though, like duplicate items (i.e things that are supposed to be unique), certain quest points based on previous character decisions. Hard to know exactly how feasible or infeasible it might be at this point with too few particulars of the game.
Posted By: Eguzky Re: Persistent Multiplayer - 13/04/20 02:17 AM
I'd be somewhat upset if someone in the end game logged into my lobby and just walked through everything with no effort. But a level restriction option could fix that, Like Diablo 2 had.
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