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Posted By: Talaverus Models and Animations - 12/09/20 09:22 PM
First I want to say that I am excited for BG3! I have DoS2 to be one of the best games I have ever played, and I look forward to the same quality of game design coming the the D&D universe.

My comment is just to say that I hope that the development team gives a great deal of attention to character models and character animations. From the footage I have seen, the character models are looking good (though limited races have been revealed). At this point, it seems the arrow is definitely pointing up in this regard.

When it comes to character animations, what I have in mind specifically are melee combat animations (spell animations that I have seen look nice!). I haven't seen much of these in the footage that has been released thus far. What I have seen looks OK...though I honestly am hoping for more. What exactly? Well...weapon swings that are cool, not bland...melee abilities that, when used, capture the notion of very skilled and able heroes pulling off amazing stunts. These animations might also vary from race to race (an example of this exists in DoS2, where basic attack animations are different across the races).

Personally, seeing my characters engage in aesthetically pleasing combat animations can often "carry" a game for me...a bad story with a good combat system and combat animations is playable and enjoyable. Now, I don't think Larian will struggle to write a good story, but I am hoping that they partner that story-telling with cinematic presentation of equal quality. There's nothing cooler than watching your heroes kick butt in style!!
Posted By: Emrikol Re: Models and Animations - 12/09/20 09:45 PM
Can you link to any animations in other games that you think are good?
Posted By: IrenicusBG3 Re: Models and Animations - 12/09/20 09:47 PM
In the last gameplay demo the animations were indeed terrible with bad physics on impact and throwing.

I also agree that it has a big impact on the presentation of the game, especially in TB where you can see each individual character action. It certainly deserves attention.

That is not the focus of EA, but I expect that to improve on 1.0.
Posted By: Talaverus Re: Models and Animations - 12/09/20 09:54 PM
Originally Posted by Emrikol
Can you link to any animations in other games that you think are good?

Hey Emrikol!

In my opinion: I think the animations of DoS2 are overall fairly good...not great. I think the combat animations of FFXIV are really good (different type of game, I realize, but I think Larian could move in that direction of animations). Star Wars Galaxies had great melee combat animations too. The combat animations of Pathfinder Kingmaker are pretty dull...the monk animations were the best, but they aren't great. It's been a while since I played Dragon Age titles, but I remember one that I thought had really good combat staff animations.

So those are a few examples of my thoughts.
Posted By: Bleak9 Re: Models and Animations - 13/09/20 02:52 PM
Given the new (or updated) graphic engine, animations should be improved and made more realistic as much as possible aswell. By looking at that cinematic released during that panel from hell, the movements and facial expressions of the main character were looking pretty fine, although it was a presentation cinematic so a lot of work has gone on it probably, nevertheless it shows the possibilities of the new engine
Posted By: Il_Rettile Re: Models and Animations - 15/09/20 06:38 PM
We need to relate all of this into in one thing: isometric 3D RPG.

DOS 2 was graphically breathtaking for a 3D isometric RPG game, more less breathtaking if he was the classic Action RPG
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