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My own theories on the tadpole based on what
the hag has told us

Hi Man, I just wanted to post this on the discussions thread about the Absolute but I will just post this here instead.

I think you are very close to the truth in your videos. I think the Absolute is an epic level Netheresse witch, a survivor from the City of Shades (you even suggest two possible names, two sisters in one of your lore takes), who somehow convinced a cabal of mindflayers to help her out (the question remains how she did that, what do the mindflayers get out from this?)
Also see
I think that the tadpoles are sustained by small ion stones so that they do not need to eat.
The mindflayers could get helms for their nautiloids in exchange for the tadpoles
I always love your videos. I can’t wait to see more theorycrafting.
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