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Posted By: Waltc HDR mode--DX11--it's excellent! - 27/10/20 12:12 AM
Just a quick praise post. Tried HDR under DX11 (don't think it works under Vulkan) and right now it's the best HDR displaying game I own. I have a 50th Ann Ed 5700XT from AMD and a 4k BenQ EW-3270U HDR10 monitor and the BG3 HDR calibration controls work better than in any other game I have. Indeed, in most games with a purported HDR mode, HDR looks really washed out and dull compared to normal mode--but not BG3! The game looks best in HDR mode, for a change. Colors are as vivid and sharp as in normal mode, but they are displayed with more range and just look better--the difference is immediately noticeable. The greens are deeper in the foliage, everything is gorgeous--nothing unreal or gaudy about it.

If you have an HDR GPU and monitor (my monitor and GPU are DP 1.4 devices and I use a Vesa-certified DP 1.4, 8k cable) then fire up the DX11 version--after turning on HDR in Win10 display properties first, of course. Then go to Options/Video and hit the "HDR calibration" button that will only appear after you turn on HDR in Windows10 (before running the game, of course.) Enjoy--what a nice surprise! Thanks, Larian!

Baldur's Gate never looked so good...;) I will, henceforth, be running BG3 in HDR mode, only!

Posted By: Sozz Re: HDR mode--DX11--it's excellent! - 27/10/20 03:24 AM
This might be a little off topic, but what driver for that RX 5700 XT are you using? I've had nothing but trouble with mine.
Posted By: Tzelanit Re: HDR mode--DX11--it's excellent! - 27/10/20 03:29 AM
*cries in toaster PC*
Posted By: macadami Re: HDR mode--DX11--it's excellent! - 27/10/20 04:18 AM
So, I’ve had zero reason to buy an hdr monitor, but if more people praise this game at release I think it’d definitely sway me.
Posted By: Wabash Re: HDR mode--DX11--it's excellent! - 27/10/20 12:25 PM
Excellent find, it really work great !
Posted By: Relampago Re: HDR mode--DX11--it's excellent! - 27/10/20 03:01 PM
I tried it on an 65" LG CX and was ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY!
Posted By: nickabbey Re: HDR mode--DX11--it's excellent! - 11/12/20 09:37 PM
Plus one for this. I'm running on a 1080 ti connected to a samsung hdtv. DX11 with HDR is just plain gorgeous. I hope they support HDR with Vulkan as well. Maybe by launch time, or in a future update. Either way, incredibly happy with how beautiful this game is in HDR.
Posted By: LoneSky Re: HDR mode--DX11--it's excellent! - 12/12/20 04:09 AM
I don't trust the Windows 10 HDR implementation and most PC monitors can't do HDR properly. I just recently was looking for a new monitor, that has both great color gamut range, high refresh rate and resolution, low latency and won't burn in quickly; and there's none. The best of the best can cover about 80% maybe out of 100% gamut, while still having the rest of latency/refresh specs. The tech isn't there yet. Unless you go for color gamut alone, and forget the latency parts. Can't be both. Yet.

I won't say that isn't nice to have this option in BG3 or doesn't look great; it's better than nothing and not everyone is looking for perfection: will be less details in dark scenes, but will work somehow.

Here is a quote from a very good review of the current best HDR gaming monitors:
"Although HDR is extremely common on TVs, it's just starting to gain popularity on monitors. Unfortunately, most monitors are a few years behind TVs when it comes to HDR performance. Despite this, there are a few monitors that deliver a decent HDR gaming experience. As more and more games support HDR, we expect the demand for good HDR monitors to increase drastically over the next few years."

I just manually adjust everything using this Reshade variant: GShade "GShade is a highly modified ReShade fork & package with a selectively network-unlocked depth buffer and numerous improvements"
Reshade is fine as well, but some games like Black Desert Online and others have anti-hack protections that won't allow Reshade, because the network part. So I have all my custom settings in GShade, and works fine with BG3 in Dx11 mode. I don't have much on, just a bit of sharpen and such, the colors are already very well done (on highest settings at least).

So in case you don't have HDR or don't like the results, GShade or Reshade is an option as well to fine tweak graphics details further.

Edit: forgot to add that the main reason I'm using this in BG3 is to make screenshots through this, since BG3 has no screenshot function (yet), also to display FPS and maybe the clock, though a bit of sharpen filter helps as well.
Posted By: asheraa Re: HDR mode--DX11--it's excellent! - 12/12/20 08:27 AM
Absolutely agree.
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