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Posted By: TyPinOwly BG1 and BG2 decisions - 02/11/20 05:21 PM
I don't know if that has been discussed yet. But what do you guys think about the option to make (retrospectively) some decisions for events in BG1 and BG2 (like in Dragon Age - Inquisition or Pillars of Eternity II) for a newly started BG3 campaign. Those decisions then would have some impact on that campaign. For instance we could find books and other material talking about how this one Bhaalspawn (the PC from BG1 and BG2) effected history and (depending on choice) ascended to godhood or not. Or we encounter characters or quests differently.

Does anyone know, if there are such plans? Obviously this is no small thing and would only really make an impact on players, that played BG1 and/or BG2. But I would love that.
Posted By: Abits Re: BG1 and BG2 decisions - 02/11/20 05:22 PM
I'd like that but sadly I don't think it's an option. The FR had a cannon ending and they seem to keep up with iy
Posted By: Nicottia Re: BG1 and BG2 decisions - 02/11/20 05:27 PM
I suggested a similar idea quite a while ago, but I doubt that it would be implemented. I mean, I believe they go with the more or less cannon Adbel Adrian, as Gorion's ward... and yes, everyone hates Abdel Adrian. :P Also, the mere fact that Bhaal has been canonically resurrected would mean that the main char of BG1/2 could never have ascended to godhood or given up Bhaal's taint. Basically, it would create a huge gaping plot hole.

All hail Abdel Adrian... hurray...

Mind the sarcasm. wink
Posted By: Rhobar121 Re: BG1 and BG2 decisions - 02/11/20 05:33 PM
It will be better if we don't mention his existence.
Posted By: Tuco Re: BG1 and BG2 decisions - 02/11/20 06:05 PM
In case you didn't know there's already canonized version of the story of CHARNAME Bhaalspawn (which is called Abdel Adrian: ) and his life after the end of the BG saga.
Posted By: TyPinOwly Re: BG1 and BG2 decisions - 02/11/20 08:35 PM
Yeah, I started reading up on that after the first responses here. Wasn't aware before that such canon existed. I downloaded BG2 again... so that I can - at least for me - correct that blasphemous canon. How dare they ignore my ascendance to godhood...
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