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Posted By: Madscientist Question about Halsin [spoiler] - 19/11/20 04:38 PM
The druids asked me to find the boss of the druids, Halsin.
I was told he went to the goblins, somebody told me he is in bear shape and somebody guessed the goblins killed or imprisoned him.
I killed the 3 goblin leaders, all goblins on the same map as the leaders and the goblins outside who have a party.
I did not go deeper into the temple.
I looked in the whole goblin hideout for halsin but I could not find him.
When I return to the grove I meet him and he thanks me for killing the goblins.

Is that as it should be?
I expected to find him near the goblins and free him there, but I did not expect to find him in the grove.

I freed the prisoner who was being tortured and Volo, but I donĀ“t think the prisoner was Halsin.
Posted By: Uberwilhelm Re: Question about Halsin [spoiler] - 19/11/20 04:42 PM
Nope. I found him in a cage as a bear next to another cage with two of the wargs. I forget the fight off top of my head but when I freed him he fought with me as a 'pet' and we cleared the rest of the place.
Posted By: Verte Re: Question about Halsin [spoiler] - 19/11/20 04:42 PM
Halsin was in bear shape indeed. Normally he is located inn the prison next to Minthara. There is a ladder and few gobbos talking, the doors leads to place with animals.
Posted By: Asseronia Re: Question about Halsin [spoiler] - 19/11/20 04:45 PM
Yes and no hehe in my first play - exactly the same happened. But on my second round, i was able to find him - there is a -1 level close to Minthara. There he is imprisoned in the bear form.
Posted By: azarhal Re: Question about Halsin [spoiler] - 19/11/20 04:46 PM
If you kill the 3 leaders before finding him, he escape by himself and you find him at the grove later like you did.

Halsin is inside the temple, but you need to use a door-transition to get to the prison floor. That door is "guarded" 3 goblins who stand in the room beside the one where Minthara (the drow lady) is.
Posted By: Madscientist Re: Question about Halsin [spoiler] - 19/11/20 11:05 PM
Back in the grove ha asked me to get a reward from the other druid and tomorrow we talk about removing the toadpole.
I got the reward from the other druid and rested, but Halsin still stand there and saying the same stuff again.
Posted By: Firesnakearies Re: Question about Halsin [spoiler] - 20/11/20 01:03 AM
Talk to Zevlor.
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