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Posted By: Anfindel Post Patch Party Size Question - 29/12/20 09:46 AM
Just starting a new run, after adding the last Update/Patch. I read somewhere in this jungle that max party size has been increased from four, and it appears this was an official patch change, rather than a mod. Would like to know ahead of time, for the purpose of planning my run. If anyone would be kind enough to let me know if this was part of Larian's update, or if it is a mod, and if the latter, where to find the mod in case I want to give it a try, it would be greatly appreciated. Sadly, real life constraints don't allow me to do multiple test runs, so I am looking to get all I can out of the few I get time to run.

Thanks and Happy New Year in advance to all !!
Posted By: Asseronia Re: Post Patch Party Size Question - 29/12/20 11:42 AM
No. Party size is 4. It was probably a mod.
Posted By: xnihil0zer0 Re: Post Patch Party Size Question - 29/12/20 12:02 PM
Recruit all companions. Sprint to Myconid colony. Do this:
Posted By: Anfindel Re: Post Patch Party Size Question - 29/12/20 04:25 PM
Okay - so neither intended nor a mod - just manipulating a bug or three.

I'll stick with the basic then - I encounter enough unavoidable bugs as it is, without seeking more - someone will toss out a full party mod eventually.

Thanks for the info and heads up all.
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