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Posted By: JandK Of dreams and tadpoles... - 27/11/21 01:09 AM
I don't think the person you see in your dream is the tadpole. I think they're working against each other. The tadpole wants to hurt the dream persona, or so it seems to me.

Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know. But I'm gonna go out on a limb and say they're different entities, and if I'm wrong, I'll look silly when full release hits.

But for right now, my prediction is that the dream persona is *not* the tadpole.


I also want to point out that the dream persona calls you Chosen in the first dream sequence. That can't be a mistake.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: Of dreams and tadpoles... - 27/11/21 09:04 PM
Sure, it is clear that the
creature in your dreams, your 'dream person' is controlling and subduing your tadpole and perhaps your own resistance to it. They are clearly a magic wielding being since they state they have been looking for you. the Tadpole clearly does not need to look for you, it knows where you are. Also the Dream Person dreams of conquest and power, with you as their weapon to make it all happen. While Mindflayers do hunger for power, it is unlikely a newborn one would be as manipulative as the dream person is. The dream person is clearly a being with some degree of seducing ability, as it knows how far to push Tav in order to insure compliance.

My bet is is it some sorcerer, hag, lich, or other being that is remotely controlling you. Since there is a hag theme already, I was going with NightHag. But there doesn't seem to be any penalty to the dreams so that rules that out. My current feeling is it is a Netherese sorcerer or perhaps a Minion of the Absolute

I personally like the dream character a lot, so it is my hope we can somehow turn the tables on them.
Posted By: timebean Re: Of dreams and tadpoles... - 27/11/21 11:15 PM
Interesting idea. Maybe it is Gale’s Netherese orb?
Some have speculated he is more than he seems. And he does talk about how he gave in to the dream…almost as if he wants YOU to do the same

Or Shadowheart’s box? If it does
contain a general, then that would explain the visions of domination. And does seem to speak to her personally to compel her to join you. And, SH was told by a voice on the ship that she is a beautiful weapon …with box in her possession. No one else was told this.
. It is a possibility.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: Of dreams and tadpoles... - 27/11/21 11:48 PM
If you frustrate the 'tadpole'
and attack it during the dreams It seems to 'lose its cool' in a very emotional mortal type way, and tells you 'you deserve what is going to happen to you. This suggest the tadpole is well aware of the purpose Tav is being used for, and what that fate may be, and it is not a good one. The tadpole is your 'handler' to seduce or wear you down you into compliance with that outcome, but may not be the ultimate big bad. It simply is trying to wear you down so you are tempted to use its power, making you easier to control by the Absolute.

I am not sure it is the cube thing but anything is possible.

I'm going with a hag, or siren, succubi, or other sort of tempting creature. Hags do have the ability to disturb dreams, and enjoy corrupting people for their own gain. Granted, the only negative is that Auntie Ethel would have said something if it was another hag, and she identified it as Netherese. So not sure. Perhaps a captive mage or some sort of creature in service to the Absolute. Whatever the creature is, its aware of what your fate is, so that seems to rule out things that aren't sort of in on what has been done to you.
Posted By: Niara Re: Of dreams and tadpoles... - 28/11/21 02:05 AM
Everything Is Actually Tharizdun.

That's my case and I'm sticking to it.
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