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Posted By: SymposiumX Shove - 18/02/22 02:03 AM
"Shove is successful, you can choose to either knock the target prone or push the target away by 5ft"

I absolutely love the improvement with patch 7
Playing around with the Barb, I decided to utilize shove more often.

I'd recommend allowing a choice of shoving for distance or shove in order to attempt condition prone.

As it is, the animation shows the target flying back, landing prone, then standing on the same sequence. They should have to use their turn to stand or move.
Posted By: Maximuuus Re: Shove - 18/02/22 09:10 AM
Originally Posted by SymposiumX
They should have to use their turn to stand or move.

Shove would be even more powerfull.

While I love the idea of being able to shove especially with such a verticality (to push but also to prone), the mechanic is absolutely overpowered.

You only have to look how much the ennemy is using it to understand that (to push you, but also to disengage as a bonus action, to wake up their sleeping allies as a bonus action, ...).

So +1 for shove to push + shove to prone as 2 different mechanics.
No to stay proned until next turn if you're pushed.
Posted By: Ignatius Re: Shove - 18/02/22 04:16 PM
Yeah, as it stands shove is ridiculously overpowered, and adding the capacity to inflict prone would make combat even more comical than it already is. If shove was implemented as per 5e rules, it wouldn't be a problem, it could also be swapped for one or more attacks.
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