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I do hope the combat log will at some point show *all* messages (combat, system messages, dialogue, world banter, etc.) and of course with proper filters? smile
There should be a separate conversation log already.
I can't find that...where is this supposed to be?
I think hit "L" to bring up the journal and there should be a Conversation Log tab.
Ah, thanks, got it - however this only covers "real" conversations, not the stuff you see while walking around / in combat....that should be captured in a log as well I think, just like in DOS / NWN / BG etc.
I agree, often I hear a part of a conversation (e.g. when party banter) but miss most of it and wish I could read it in either combat log or somewhere else. Though to be able to determine what one could reasonably be able to overhear and thus read, could become tricky.
Seriously. Like a steering wheel in my pants, its driving me nuts
There is a dialogue log in the journal (albeit I missed it my first playthrough), but I have been a little frustrated when I scroll away to look around the map and center back on my characters to see them mid-banter and I have no idea what I missed.
Yeah, I would love there to be an NPC dialogue option to catch the various things that get said as you walk around the map.
Yes yes yes yes yes
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