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Posted By: Kaylob23 Hold action missing? - 07/10/20 08:49 PM
Where is the hold action? This is very useful in D&D and unless I am missing it in the game, this needs to be added in please.
Posted By: Stabbey Re: Hold action missing? - 07/10/20 08:55 PM
It's not in yet. I think a lot of the Reaction system isn't ready yet.
Posted By: Kaylob23 Re: Hold action missing? - 07/10/20 09:03 PM
Hopefully it will. Came across a phase spider and it was all my characters turns when it phased to a spot I could reach. I knew it would come back so I just really wanted that hold action
Posted By: Kal Spiro Re: Hold action missing? - 07/10/20 09:05 PM
I noticed this too, I used up my move, but I knew the mob would come closer to I wanted to ready to attack it when it was in range.
Posted By: Kaylob23 Re: Hold action missing? - 07/10/20 09:31 PM
Same here. Lost my entire party’s turn and took damage when the hold action would’ve decimated the spider. Don’t think it would be unfair because if the spider didn’t move it would’ve be killed either way.
Posted By: Karilenaj Re: Hold action missing? - 08/10/20 02:37 PM

Just wanted to say that I would like the "ready action" action be implemented as well. It's especially important for rogues, because they want to leverage sneak attack as much as possible, but yet they have high dexterity, so high initiative: they go first when nobody is close to nobody. In dnd 5e, the usual way to deal with that is to say "I move there. I ready action: fire at that opponent, triggered when someone gets 5 feet from them". But currently, we can't do anything like that, and it severely impacts rogues viability in action economy (they have to waste a turn, which is huge in 5e with battles lasting for 2 or 3 rounds).

I'm not exactly sure how "ready action" would translate as a video game feature, though, it sounds tricky. I guess that alternatively, getting back the "hold turn" from 3.5e/pathfinder would be OK (better mixing rulesets than breaking balance).

Thanks, I love what I'm seeing so far!
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