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Posted By: FEAR a Running List of Suggestions from a DOS Player - 08/10/20 11:47 AM
Hi guys,

So far, having mild fun. I would say that the DOS 2 fort joy was more enjoyable than this one, but given that it's still EA, that's fine. Anyway, This list is going to be more or less a running list of suggestions off my 10 hours of gameplay so far. I will add and update it as I go along. I understand that some of these suggestions might irk some of you, but that's just my opinion. Remember, having more options is always nice. These suggestions will often be from beginning of the act to the end the more I play.

  • When I press Escape in middle of a move (Jump), it should cancel it rather than showing the main menu. It doesn't do it consistently.
  • Movement bar needs an estimation like DOS2. When you hover your mouse over a location, the movement bar needs a second slider which estimates how much movement will be used BEFORE you actually go out and do it.
  • In the very first chapter (Ship), when you look around (move the camera around), camera often stays on another floor instead of coming back down upon move. You have to fidget with it for it to move.
  • Why does my character move and take up movement points when I use Jump? Jump means Jump, not "Move here and Jump so we can ruin your tactics." Edit: The character using movement points for jump is fine, but the issue is that the character actually walks forward a bit before actually jumping, which leads to using more movement points than jump initially would have.
  • When NPCs talk, their mouths move, but usually their facial expressions don't. Reminds me of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and a bit of Mass Effect: Andromeda. I'm guessing Character movements will be fixed in final.
  • Make an option (optional) for an alternative to dice rolling stats (25% chance to hit instead of a 1d4) for those of us who dislike the dnd mechanisms and don't want to do a calculation in our head every time. Again, just an option would be nice to turn it off. Underneath it's the same system, it's just how its presented to users could use a couple of options.
  • Absurd memory leak on Ryzen 5 2600/GTX 1070 systems. Starts from 1600 Mb and keeps leaking so much that the game lags insufferably around 6K. Have to restart the game at that point and takes a few hours to do it again. (Vulkan)
  • Game crashes when dragging item from person to barter box (Not from inventory OF bartering, but the person when you click the respective equipment icons on the left).
  • Barter screen only compares items to whoever spoke to the trader, character selection on bottom left is irrelevant for comparison of equipped vs new item.
  • ...Companions don't always travel with you using lever elevators.
  • A lot of the NPC voices "feel" similar. The emphasis, the inflexion feels the same throughout the act
  • There are some "gaps" when the music stops before an NPC says their line in battle. Jarring.
  • The Hag scene animation is utterly broken. She was looking at me from inbetween her legs. So...yeah.

(Last updated: 10 hours played)

Anyway, thanks! Can't wait for it to be finished. If DOS 2 was any indication this should be better than I expect.
Originally Posted by FEAR
[*]Why does my character move and take up movement points when I use Jump? Jump means Jump, not "Move here and Jump so we can ruin your tactics."

Jumping costs movement in D&D... it's part of the system.

Agree with the rest.
If Jump didn't use movement points, you could abuse it by moving and jumping forward to cover more distance than what you initially could.
No no, what I meant was, When I use "Jump" the character sometimes moves forward before jumping. I believe it is because it is out of the "Range" or something? This leads to the "jump" costing /more/ movement points than what jump alone would have. Not sure if that's intentional.
Agree, especially about the movement bar suggestion.
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