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Posted By: Marktheshark Quality of Life Issues / Feedback - 08/10/20 04:58 PM
After 15 hours of gameplay thus far, here are quality of life issues that I've noticed, with provided suggestions.

1) Perks / abilities / passives / etc DO NOT appear in the character sheet. For example, at level 2 for warlock I chose "Agonizing Blast" and "Devil's Sight" as additional passives. However, NOWHERE in the character sheet (or entire game) does it display that I now have these for my warlock. I would only know I have them because I remember picking them. It is a serious oversight to not have ALL of the character progressions and advancements display in the character sheet.

2) Unclear status effects on spells, lack of a compendium. Many spells that cause status effects are unclear in what they actually do. For example, "Blind." The tooltip on this spell states it causes "Blindness" that can be shaken off with a saving throw, but it does not state what the actual effects of Blindness are. Does Blindness mean that attacks can't be made? Or does it mean they just have less of a chance to hit? The tooltip on the spell is incomplete in this sense, and the lack of a compendium means that I cannot look it up anywhere in the game. Another example is "Silence," which creates a sphere in which all creatures are "Silenced." What does Silenced mean? Does it mean they are literally silent, or does it mean they cannot cast abilities? Again, the spell tooltip is unclear. This is true for MANY spells. Either expand the tooltips, or create a compendium where the player can read about status effects and what they do.

3) Hidden details on spells / abilities that are not listed in the tooltip. One example here being "Hex." If the concentration of Hex is ever broken, Hex can be recast on another target without the use of a spell slot. This is not mentioned on the tooltip. Another example is "Shatter," which is an AoE spell, but nowhere on the tooltip is it actually listed as AoE. It makes me wonder how many other spells have hidden effects that I am unaware of.

4) Inconsistent rules. The example here being if I cast "Darkness," why is it that my warlock with Devil's Sight cannot see or attack in the zone of Darkness? If the rules are supposed to follow D&D, then my warlock SHOULD BE ABLE to see and attack in the Darkness spell effect. In this game, that is not the case, and it is unclear why. Furthermore, how does this make "Darkness" and different from "Fog?" Perhaps this is a simple oversight in game design and programming.

5) Lack of a rulebook. This is more personal preference, but if the entire game is based on the rules of D&D and even plays exactly like D&D with dice rolls, why not include an in-game rulebook? It's easy enough to google all sorts of rules, but at least including the basics would make sense. This of course would simply be a quality of life change, and an optional compendium that exists for players that want it.

-Make the character sheet display ALL passives and gained abilities that the player has acquired through leveling up
-Make a compendium of status effects so the player can understand what certain effects actually do
-Refine spell tooltips to be more clear in their effect, and include ALL additional effects in the tooltip
-Implement a compendium / rulebook that explains how and why certain calculations happen; aka a D&D rulebook, or at least the basics
Posted By: Baraz Re: Quality of Life Issues / Feedback - 08/10/20 05:14 PM
* Spells are really lacking some important information, that is quite true. I presume it is just for this early build.

* Status effects should be (and will probably be later) keywords with tooltips (instead of searching in a guide/compendium).
Posted By: Beilsibob Re: Quality of Life Issues / Feedback - 08/10/20 05:26 PM
I would really appreciate being able to save game settings in Stadia. I have to rebind my preferred hot keys each time I load the game (which includes when it crashes).

Thank you!
Posted By: Makathran Re: Quality of Life Issues / Feedback - 09/10/20 11:40 PM
I agree completely, particularly about the spell tool tips. I assume this will change in later builds but things like spell duration and whether it requires concentration or not at least would make playing magic chars a lot better.
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