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Posted By: Sloane Hardtower The Camp - 08/10/20 10:38 PM
So this game is super immersive, then in the middle of a Goblin Castle, the ancient reliquary of Selune your decide to camp for the night.....taking you to a forest, immersion breaking ugh. So quick suggestion from a guy who played and dmed way to much DnD.

Use a magic item you find on the Mind Flayer ship and have it once per day create a Lymonds Tiny Hut. You can even call it something different on the pocket dimensions so your party can wait for you there. It would give it a cool feel, allow a few less safe rests and be a cool gadget to deploy.
Posted By: LawRecords Re: The Camp - 08/10/20 10:50 PM
That's a good idea. I also find it very immersion breaking when I go to camp for the reason you listed. Having your camp in some manner of pocket dimension means Larian doesn't have to think too hard about the pre-camp environment, and allows them to accessorize it with stuff that just wouldn't make sense in a regular camp spot. Lots of opportunity in their for fun additions, activities and characters to add.
Posted By: Kavonde Re: The Camp - 08/10/20 10:53 PM
Great idea. Honestly surprised they didn't do that from the start. It would save them some time and resources.
Posted By: Sloane Hardtower Re: The Camp - 08/10/20 11:27 PM
Adding on Laws idea you could add collectable trophies in the area. Decorate the interior. It adds to the roleplaying immersion. It also allows who ever you romance to disagree with your decorating choices....make it like a real romance!
Posted By: Noirscape Re: The Camp - 09/10/20 01:07 AM
Oh, I like this idea quite a bit, especially the idea of decorating it with trophies you collect on your adventures.
Posted By: someoneinatree Re: The Camp - 09/10/20 02:30 AM
+1 to this! The fact that you basically magically transport there from wherever you are, and appear back in the same location after resting, means that it already feels like a pocket plane.

You could also make the object the plane is linked to unable to be used in certain locations if you want to limit long-rests.

Plus fun customisation options like allowing a selectable theme: nature/urban/arcane/divine etc, and the collection of trophies as people mentioned above.

Posted By: Lanetolsun Re: The Camp - 09/10/20 09:19 AM

I was going to write something to limit travel to camp at anytime because it's not realistic to be able to run to your hideout from any depth.
Camp reminds me Dragon Age origins' camp , because they act very similar, - not a bad thing - you talk with companions, rest then go adventure. But here the problem is you can go the camp from anywhere and from any situation.
It was limited in DAOrigins thought it also made very tiring area transitions just to make camp button available.

So your suggestion solves them both, maybe with a in game cooldown or so our perfect escape ability can be both balanced and not immersion breaking.
Posted By: WarBaby2 Re: The Camp - 09/10/20 09:24 AM
Yea, something like that would be helpful... either that or, if you have to have long rests in dangerous places, make at the very least 3-4 different camp "biomes" (field, city, dungeon,...).
Posted By: Gray Ghost Re: The Camp - 09/10/20 09:27 AM
Oh wow, that is a shockingly brilliant idea. I was assuming that Larian had plans to make specific environments for whatever area's you can camp in so that the camp will match aesthetically, along with implementing more limits on where you can't camp, but this idea actually makes things so much easier because they won't have to implement assets for all that and can just have it be one singluar setting. And they can justify whatever camping limitations they have by just saying "it's because magic."
Posted By: Akari Re: The Camp - 09/10/20 10:12 AM
Yes ! i thought the same, the only way this op resting mecanic works in game is if you got a "Rod of Security" then i can use it and go to my great beach in my great pocket plane with all my friends.

Its a powerfull item, but if you are giving me the effect all the same, then give me a in game reason.

It would also be a great way to do a resting tutorial, you start the game, go to one of the early encounters after the crash, find the rod, give resting tutorial and explain why you can rest in any place.

Latter if we are in a city and want to rest in an in you can give us bonus for the in, and as its a pocket plane you could allow us to do so much more in there, like growing from a small camp to a bigger camp or even your own city with all your friends castle and so on , It will have a in game reason for it.

You can even make it something different from a rod that makes more sense, or make a plot line where your rod of security is stolen and you cant rest in the camp for a time. (or just an area with planar movement disabled that dont allow you to rest)
Posted By: Gray Ghost Re: The Camp - 09/10/20 10:23 AM
Thinking about things, the one difficulty I feel like this creates is that it might be hard to justify those camp followers you can get; people who aren't part of your party and won't come out adventuring with you but tag along all the same. Figuring out how they could work would be awkward. But doable with the right amount of mage-babble handwaving.

Also how often are people taking long rests in camp? I am really hesitant and have only taken 4 long rests after playing for 18 hours or so, and I want to know if I've been dumb for doing that.
Posted By: Karilenaj Re: The Camp - 09/10/20 11:28 AM
Funny, that's not at all how I understood the camp. The first time I wanted to take a long rest, I was in the crypt and was returning to its entrance when I looked at the map and wondered if I could use the camp's waypoint from a dungeon. When I realized I could, I thought : "oh cool, fast travel". I saw it as the equivalent of narrating, in a dnd game (assuming there's a fixed point of rest players want to use, like a keep), "and so, you guys went back to your camp without any issue". Of course, in a real game, I would have rolled to see if there was indeed no issue on the way. I haven't seen random encounters yet in BG3 (based on D:OS, I suppose there won't be), but that would be a good place to put them. Also, if it's meant to be fast travel, a mention about it would be nice, like replacing the label "the camp" in waypoints list by "fast travel to the camp".

All of that being said, it would be way more akin dnd to allow players to rest anywhere, dungeons included, have some of them keep watch and have random encounters thrown at them while resting from time to time.
Posted By: Denzla Re: The Camp - 09/10/20 01:23 PM
Pathinder Kingmaker had great rest mechanics
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