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Posted By: Sparkasaurusmex Hold Person - 09/10/20 03:40 AM
Hold Person seems to be allowing a save at the beginning of the paralyzed creature's turn, allowing them to act if they succeed. This makes it much less useful than intended and inferior to cantrips that can prone creatures.
Posted By: Perple Re: Hold Person - 09/10/20 09:34 AM
Noticed this as well. Basically results in a wasted turn for the caster when the target saves at the start of their turn and then gets to act.
Posted By: Sparkasaurusmex Re: Hold Person - 09/10/20 09:39 AM
Yeah, it amounts to having advantage on the save, since they get to save against it twice before it has any effect.
Posted By: SeanNorm Re: Hold Person - 09/10/20 09:51 AM
The targets save to break the Hold Person spell needs to be at the end of it's turn, not the start as it is now. As is they make a save when you cast, then get another on their turn before acting. Two saves prior to noticing any effect is surely a mistake.
Posted By: Slapstick Re: Hold Person - 09/10/20 10:34 AM
Well, it SHOULD be at the end of turn - so I don't see any reason to think it's not a bug.
Posted By: Fugly Re: Hold Person - 10/10/20 05:24 PM
Little site note!
This spell is broken as F... in the Hag fight.
My whole party got Hold Person spelled and i couldn't do sh..... for the whole fight and the 1 time 1 char got lose, i couldn't react that turn and got Hold person right away again!
Posted By: ReyDSwords Re: Hold Person - 10/10/20 11:11 PM
I am having the same issue. Hold person is not working correctly.

If my party member is under the spell they do not get to save at end of their turn, just stand there for the entire fight until the spell ends.
Posted By: PumatsHole Re: Hold Person - 11/10/20 01:23 AM

Same issue here, based on the description in game it seems like a bug.
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