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Posted By: morganthebear Character progression & XP - 10/10/20 08:34 AM
Is it just me or is character progression very slow?

Do I have to kill everything just to get XP to progress at a decent rate? Is there no XP awards for successful skill rolls during dialogue etc??
Posted By: SeanNorm Re: Character progression & XP - 10/10/20 08:35 AM
At the moment XP is really skewed to encourage violent solutions. It was a problem in both Div: Original Sin games too but here's to hoping they fix the XP spread to better encourage creative or alternate solutions to encounters.
Posted By: Jones76 Re: Character progression & XP - 10/10/20 08:44 AM
I felt it is way to fast, a few fights and you are Level 3. I think level cap is 10, I currently have the feeling you will probably hit that mid 2nd chapter
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