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Or at least take a look at Vometia's compendium first to see if your intended topic already exist.

I know, I know. Time is money and why bother with searching a forum when we can just write what we want to say in a matter of seconds in a new thread. But the EA hasn't been available for even 4 full days and there are SOOOO many topics about the same thing. Over and over again. Trust me, I spent most of my day off yesterday reading 841 threads, true story.

After all. a forum is meant for discussion, not being a bulletin board that gets cluttered with post-it notes that no one reads.

If the moderators would have the time this ofc wouldn't be an issue, they would simply merge a new thread to an already existing one as soon as they discover that the content already has been discussed. But they don't have that time. Once again, trust me. reading 841 threads takes several hours and is nothing I wanna do again.

That was all. Now this grumpy old man needs his afternoon tea.
or you know, implement a proper official bug-tracker... another grumpy man that just had an afternoon tea wink
I think an in-game reporting system could be more effective than just having players post in forum and you could also get more data from it.

Here's my suggestion, at least for early-access versions:
- Add an in-game "report" button that will:
1. Pause the game
2. Have player describe the issue they are currently having
3. Capture screenshot
4. Gather combat logs
5. Get quest + location info
6. Gather any other info you might find useful... (computer info)
7. And finally, zip it all and send it to Larian

I think this can kill two birds with one stone for you: cleanly separate bugs from user feedback/suggestions in forums and get more robust data about bugs and where/when they happen.
You can also sort out the bugs later on your end using current quest and/or location etc...

I just started playing and I'm having a ton of technical issues. I'm trying to search for all my issues before I open a new thread but its hard using only forum search.
In my opinion BG3 has the potential to be a true masterpiece if all of these issues are resolved smile

Let me know what you think OP, hope this helps.
I think that's a great idea and, to me, seems very well thought through. In fact so great that it deserves its own topic so it doesn't get lost in my nit picky rage complaint thread smile
That's the reason why I created just one topic for all my feedback (bugs and suggestions).
And I'm not necessarily concerned or bothered by those threads as understandably a lot of players will conclude their gathered experience of the EA in one thread instead of splitting up their suggestions all over the forum(although, also understandably, a lot of those threads ends up mentioning the same things smile )

In fact, something that Larian could have done to lessen this problem, often occurring in web forums, was to split the suggestion forum into several sub forums, I. e Character creation, combat, user interface etc. And to have done that even before the EA was released. That way the devs could easily choose the sub forum concerning the particular part of the game they intend to work on right now and get specific feedback instead of general. But I understand why they didn't as such a system puts a lot more work on the moderators.
And one last thing. I think the main reason why I felt compelled to make this thread was to be able calm down and get some frustration off.

Frustration built up by reading all these threads from players that seems to see the early access as the finished product when Larian has clearly stated it's not. Threads like: (these are not actual titles)

where is my class, I hope there will be more
I hope they put in more races
Why so few faces? Will there be more?
This doesn't feel like DOS3 at all, so disappointed in you Larian!

I mean, come on! Where did people get the idea that Baldur's Gate 3 would be the next Divinity game? Larian has already stated that they intend to implement most if not all classes and races from the phb. They've revealed that they have screened 150(!) actual faces and you think this is all they made from that?

And on top of that...all the threads about OP cantrips, jump/disengage, sneak attack etc.

I don't think most people realize that a lot of replies in one thread, is more effective in showing the importance of the matter, than many small threads with few replies do.
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