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I've left comments about a Pocket Dimension ("PD") in other threads that talk about the camping system, but thought it prudent to create a new thread so that its easier to see.

I won't go into the issues with the existing camping system in detail - those are covered in other threads. In short, the issue at present is that your environment isn't reflected in your camp (e.g. if you're in the Underdark or in an urban setting). The camp is also pretty boring. And it doesn't really make sense that you can camp whenever you want (e.g. in the Underdark) - surely that will attract unwanted attention.

I propose that the current camping system is replaced with one where you have your own PD you can carry around via an artifact. This makes the environment in which you are when you camp irrelevant, and is also more appropriate for not attracting attention. This allows a lot of new options - you could have rooms for each companion that reflects their personality, have decorations that you can expand during the game (trophies, furniture, etc.) and even have vendors or crafting within it. Like having your own imp blacksmith or potion brewer in your PD.

You could find an artifact on the nautilus that allows you to create such a PD, vs. it being something you find later in the game. That way Larian doesn't have to implement two separate camping systems - the "regular" one for early in the game, vs. the PD that you get later. Just have the PD from the start, but you can upgrade it over time. E.g. by getting runes that improve the artifact and making your PD bigger. I believe this is compatible with D&D lore and a better camping system than the current one.

I was kind of wondering how they would implement the later acts, where you're in Baldur's Gate itself.

A pocket dimension item makes a lot of sense.

Feels like something you'd find at the end of an earlier act though. I like the river camp for now.
+1. This would be a super neat way of 'player housing'.
i like this idea
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