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Posted By: Raythornious Plans for Warlocks - 11/10/20 02:28 PM
Is there any plan on implementing the pact of the blade? It's favorite of mine among the Warlock boons and I noticed it isn't available as of now.
Posted By: Gray Ghost Re: Plans for Warlocks - 11/10/20 02:52 PM
They say they're going to include all the character creation options in the Players Handbook so we'll be getting that. I'm looking forward to seeing it implemented since it's my favourite too.
Posted By: Bearhugger Re: Plans for Warlocks - 11/10/20 03:29 PM
I hope Hexblade will join it down the line, without it pact of the blade is a little underwhleming.
Posted By: Anung un Rama Re: Plans for Warlocks - 12/10/20 04:33 AM
I Just expect more interaction with the patrons.
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