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Posted By: Bal Improving roleplay: About UI info and dialogues. - 12/10/20 01:59 AM

After a lot of hour's already spent in BG3, I'd like to be able to play in a more roleplay style with some changes:
I'd rather remove HP bars and level from the enemies and enemy portraits. When I play in DND I never ask about how much life has my enemy, is a hidden value. I don't know how hard is my new enemy. But with perception, insight, wisdom, world or religion I can figure something out.
Remove the minimap (the big one is good). For me has very little utility and I'd like to see this piece of world.
Remove exclamation marks from my companions and it would be good if they talk to me when they need.
Remove bracket text such as [Persuasion] in the dialogue options to feel more about the dialogue rather than the bonuses you gonna use.
Rest should has a 1 hour cooldown to make food, potions and short rest more valuable.
Hide the failed saving throws.
Add the bonuses to the roll result instead of diminishing the difficulty of the test.

All of this should not be removed from the game, the best option is to be able to toggle on or off from the options panel so everyone can play the game as they wish to know from the game.

Edit: spelling.
I agree with most of this or think they should be toggleable options for players who don't care.
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