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If your tools programmer could go ahead and allow your level designers to place objects that are just scenery, instead of having everything be an empty container, that would be great. The interiors are very well designed except for this issue. They look incredible, but 50 containers per room with nothing in them is just tedious.
I actually agree. It is a minor issue, but there are sometimes too many containers to loot.
I been thinking about this and would rather they just have the monsters grouped into a set and after you defeat the "encounter" you get treasure. 99% of the stuff is just vendor trash. If a location has treasure, set it up so you discover it was you search the location.

Besides making this more like a pen and paper session, have less trash would clean up the inventory issues / mess / micromanagement.
I can't believe I'm advocating for LESS SCENERY INTERACTION in a RPG, but Jesus Christ if I don't agree 100%.
Entering some rooms is almost starting to give me anxiety for the insane number of containers I'll have to check "just to be sure I'm not missing anything", even if rationally I know that more often than not I'm wasting my time.
To me, searching every container to find very few items of value is not meaningful interactions. It's time to come up with a better model, this trope is played out for me, more busy work than enjoyable game play.
Yes! Pleaaaase fewer containers to search!!!
It doesn't help that some of them do not light up, when you press alt and that there are many other world objects that you can interact with like furniture to sit on, candles to light, books and stone tables to read, barrels to destroy etc.. It is way overdone and most of the stuff is just obsolete and does not light up. I am sure I missed several containers with loot already.
The worst part is the contents are random. I can't not check every single book-type container - that's where scrolls spawn!. Potions come from alchemy-type containers. Sure, they're empty 90% of the time, but without those sweet consumables I'm at a big disadvantage.

Find a better way.
Oh yes PLEASE! It's really bothersome to go around clicking on empty boxes/shelves/wardrobes/crates and whatnot.

Also left alt doesn't really highlight everything lootable an some smaller Irena (keys, letter) are notoriously difficult to pick up
I was in the starting ruins and entered a room with like 10 bookshelves. Like I am not going to loot everyone of them, that is simply a waste of time in a game that already fills a lot of time with rather meaningless tasks and pretty slow speed all in all.
Gratuitous bump because this thread deserves it.
It's a good fight.
I suppose some of them could be static
The way it is now, I don't like looting and in a game like this, that is a very bad thing.
We aren't required to check everything. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. That being said, it wouldn't bother me if they reduced the number of containers
Echoing most of the thoughts in this thread: Yes please! Way less containers, way less trash loot. After the first few levels it's not interesting to pick up my 100th shortsword, please just sprinkle a few interesting items around instead and have the gold value roughly match. I'm the kind of player that HAS to look in every container and loot everything with a good weight/carry ratio and I hate it frown
+1 to reducing the amount of containers
Maybe they'll let us put hundreds of spoons inside exploding barrels for extra damage.

The way containers exist now makes me lose interest in exploring.
Searching through containers both feels necessary and is super boring. It turns the game into a grind.

Give me a loot-the-room button that rolls an investigation check and shows me all of the things I find in one place; then get rid of all of the individual containers.

more paintings and statues and decor that fit the theme of faerun instead of the "yearly meeting of the Barrel Union" in most rooms.
Just chiming in to say "less containers and more meaningful loot".

Trash loot got to go. This is not a mmorpg.
Have us find more simple "currency" instead of trash items that clog our inventory.

Also, things like "over 9000 types of the same thing" (namely food for example) is not adding anything to the experience, just some more inventory space.
Originally Posted by Emrikol
We aren't required to check everything. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. That being said, it wouldn't bother me if they reduced the number of containers

We aren't required to, but since I have found countless healing potions, speed potions, scrolls and whatnot in them, it is highly encouraged. I'd rather we can loot 1/3 of the current containers and or have the empty containers have a "tell" that they are empty. Such as the lid partially removed, or the curser highlight it as gray instead of gold
Agree with this...the use of lootable containers with nothing in for scatter , is a bit much at certain places.
there must be other options to flesh out a room or cave besides crates everywhere.

Perhaps that will still come?

as example: I entered a stable and an certain lair/cave last evening and spend like 15 mins running around, opening containers as "you never know what might be in there"...I would not consider those 15 mins as 'gameplay' but more as "unnecessary stretching of game play time"
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