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From what I’ve been able to tell, the buy/sell prices in trading are determined/influenced by the Charisma score of the character initiating the action.

Would it be possible to have that price point be determined by the highest Charisma in the party, instead of the individual?

It would be a quality of life improvement when it comes to trading, but an alternative solution would be the ability to select and move multiple items of clicking and dragging (which doesn’t work unless the item is dropped accurately into an inventory slot) or right-clicking and sending to a specific character item by item.

I’m thoroughly enjoying BG3 in Early Access. There’s more depth in EA than a lot of games ever get to. All the hard work of the team is appreciated immensely.
No wonder vendors are ripping me off.. I dump charisma on all my characters - don't play warlock.
It is definitely a quality of life issue, and a poorly communicated one at that. My suggestion would be to just us a single menu for selling that includes your camp inventory and uses the highest CHA team member as the merchant (doesn't matter if they are in the party or not). I'm not sure how the camp storage works with multi-player, but I am assuming that each player has their own. If not, there would need to be a tweak to that system when there are multiple players selling goods.
I think the impact on sell prices should quite small, if even there at all. In my view it's better to have fairly static gold sell/buy values so it's easier to balance how much items should cost further into the game. I certainly don't let my players buy horses at reduced price just because there's a charismatic guy in the party. That sort of haggling is reserved for special occurrences in the story, not everyday trading.
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