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Posted By: Endraca Story time: door bugs make for great stories - 14/10/20 03:50 PM
Hi everyone, I want to share a story of how a bug went unrecognised by me and became part of my story for a while. The bug I am sure is fixed by now, but still led to a great story in my head while it lasted. So, this is going to be a bit long, but I loved the story while it lasted.

Needless to say, this is about the story so it is pretty clearly [b]spoiler[/b] territory, so please do not read further if you care about [b]spoilers[/b].

It starts with Shadowheart suggesting we find a healer to cure our shared affliction. This ended up with us going to the Druid's Grove and being redirected to Nettie. I, being naïve and eager for any help or direction, was pretty straight forward talking about my issue and ended up being poisoned and locked in the room with Nettie until I find a way out. Being pretty innocent and good hearted at that point in the game I tried to talk my way out of it, as talking was what got me into this mess in the first place, and maybe it will get me out of it. After a few well-placed words I spoke my way out of the situation, made some promises, received some antidote and the doors opened. Still, I have not lost all faith in the druids and a cure, so I went to find Halsin.

Many hours / days later I ended up in the goblin camp, talking my way through most encounters with the help of friend(ship). Doing some investigating in their camp I eventually recognised Halsin in the cage, and rescued him. Then, as if I did not learn my lesson the first time, I immediately tell him about our problem. This time, I got a bit suspicious when he seemed reluctant, and wanted to restore balance before helping, as if he was buying time. But, I could understand, he has priorities and might need the grove to be safe to conduct his ritual or whatever. So, I get rid of the three leaders and report back to him. Again, I note to him how important it is to get healed immediately, but he says we need to get back to the grove. Fine, my patience was starting to run thin and my paranoia bubbling up, but this was the only option I had left. I already lost an eye, which probably did not help with my trust issues.

We get to the grove and when he says we need to wait until tomorrow I am about to give in to my paranoia, if he does not keep to his word I am sure fate by this stage has something in store for me. But before losing it, he mentions a reward that I need to go fetch. Being distracted by this promise momentarily I trod down to the inner sanctum, speak with Rath about the reward while eyeing him suspiciously. Why could he not just hand it over and have to be so cryptic about it? But, hey, I love puzzles and go with the flow, how bad can it be? I figure out what room and how I need to use the key for and descent into the basement. Here I suspiciously find some more poison and the beautiful Sorrow. As soon as my character picks it up she is filled with the namesake emotion and I get a terrible foreboding, rushing up the stairs.

And that is when I see it, the door is closed behind me! I am yet again stuck in that room with no way out and this time I cannot play on anyone's conscience to get me out. I could kick myself for falling for the same old trick, with teacher and student pulling the same one on me. Who knew druids are so tricksy? I saw the reward his indirect way of saying that it is with great "Sorrow" that he does this to me, but he cannot save me and I am a danger, just look at how many I have already killed. He often said he does not like bloodshed. It is only once I managed to find a new way out of the room and confront him, and see him acting oblivious to this betrayal that it clicked: either this conversation is bugged or that the door was bugged. The latter seemed more plausible: I was never supposed to be stuck in that room a second time and go through all those feelings of betrayal. Fun times :D

Lastly, I just want to say I absolutely love what I am already seeing in this game and looking forward to trying out more play styles and options in early access. But, even more so, I am excited for the final release!

Hope you enjoyed the story.
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