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Posted By: Creslin321 Suggestion: Spellcasting improvements - 15/10/20 03:13 PM
I think the way that spellcasting works right now with the hotbar is kind of clunky. Especially with how spells get "up leveled." Currently, to cast a spell, you need to open the "K" menu, drag the appropriate level of the prepared spell down to your hotbar, and then click it to cast. The problem with this is that there are so many combinations of spells and spell levels that having them all there would just kill your hotbar...and it gets really confusing when you start removing spells and adding spells to what you have prepared. Because then something on your hotbar is no longer valid so it disappears.

I think there are two fairly simple changes that could make this much better.

1. Allow us to cast spells directly from the "K" spellbook menu. Maybe with a right click or something. This way we can just browse our stuff and cast. No need for the hotbar.

2. Don't treat a leveled up spell like a separate spell. Instead, allow players to pick the level they want to cast at from a context menu that pops up when you click on the spell. This could be similar to how Hex works. This will remove so much clutter from the spell menu and the hotbar.
Agree. I think a pop up window, similar to "Hex" would be ideal for casting spells at higher levels.
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